Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Day: Wednesday Date: May 16, 1984

Today I wrote Robin (<3) a note telling her to rate some boys including me. She rated Rick and I a 6! Later, Rick wrote her a note saying how depressed I was being a 6, so she wrote me a note saying she would've rated me a ten but she thinks nobody's perfect. lalalala P.S. Here's the note!

Friday, March 25, 2005

I love eBay!

I had two old video game systems, an NES and a 3DO. If you don't know what those are, it's because they're old. When we cleaned out our parents' house, we found 'em. I put 'em on eBay and so far, have made a cool $120. Not bad for a few minutes work.

So now I'm going eBay crazy. Finding any old junk and putting it up. As far as I'm concerned, any $$$ that comes in is free $$$ to me. Plus it's paying for my daily lattes at $tarbuck$.

Ain't America great?

25 random songs

Inspired by this over at Octopus Overlords, I humbly submit to you 25 random songs pulled from the 3,331 I have on my Rio Karma (copied and pasted from my post there).

01. arterial turns - Windowpane (ugh. a local rock band who's CD i got for free. Think drop-D tuning and lots of bad heavy rock cliches)
02. Jennifer's Jacket - The Presidents of the USA
03. Leather - Tori Amos
04. Amateur - Aimee Mann (I <3 Aimee Mann)
05. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay
06. The Majestic Song - The Tea Party (I tried to pimp these guys before and no one cared)
07. Hide Away Today - Lund Bros. (another local band, but good. I auditioned with them on Wednesday. Went quite well. Good pop rock like Cheap Trick meets the Posies)
08. Hey Now! - Oasis
09. Heigh-Ho - Disney (I have 3 CDs of Disney tunes through the ages)
10. Flake - Upwell (another local band. Kind of prog/folky if you ask me. Awesome guitar player)
11. Original Of The Species - U2
12. Kiss Catastrophe - The Damnwells (saw them open for Juliana Hatfield last year. Good vanilla rock (think matchbox20))
13. Bobbleheads Movie - Rush (not a Rush song, but a track from a boot of their 30th anniversary tour last year. There was a segment during the show that was the 3 dudes in bobblehead form on a movie screen and this is the accompanying audio)
14. Date to Church - The Replacements (not a big fan; a friend loaned me their greatest hits collection, so sadly, I have a bunch of Replacements songs)
15. liar - Windowpane (ack! time to remove windowpane and all their lowercase spellings from my player)
16. Spanked - Van Halen (iirc, this is a terrible song)
17. Linus & Lucy - George Winston
18. Xanadu - Rush (not sure which version. Of my 3331 songs on my Karma, at least 10% are Rush songs. I know you're jealous)
19. Finding My Way - Rush
20. Hero Of The Day - Metallica
21. No One Said It Would Be Easy - Sheryl Crow (anyone see those "special" pictures of her recently? Not impressed)
22. A.D. 1928 - Styx (from Paradise Theater. The first record I ever bought was Styx's Cornerstone from a 12 LPs for .01 club. I liked the album cover. *shrug* I was 7!)
23. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Muse (I think I'm the biggest Muse fanboy at OO)
24. Sometimes A Fantasy - Billy Joel
25. Concerning Hobbits - Howard Shore (now all I need is one of the awesome LotR .gifs floating around)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

An hour and 10 minutes later

I found myself in Tacoma. What was I doing in Tacoma? Well, finally, the day had come for me to audition for the Lund Bros. Traffic, of course, was a beyotch. It took me 30 minutes or so to get from Bellevue to Seattle, a drive that usually takes 10-15 minutes. But once on I-5, it was no sweat getting to Tacoma.

So the Lunds actually are Bros. Chris and Sean, on guitar and drums, respectively. They played together years ago in a band called Loser, then followed it up in a band called International Pop Overthrow. I'd heard of IPO, but never heard their stuff. Apparently it was quite poppy, much like the current Lund Bros. stuff.

Anyway, they had me learn 7 songs and I learned 7 songs. We started out and did one called Accident, which, surprising to me, was sung by Sean, the drummer. I didn't realize that he did lead singing as well. I never thought a drummer singing lead was that cool; then again, I've never been in a band that had a good lead-singing drummer (emphasis for you RJ). That song featured some harmonies that they wanted me to work out. I think I did pretty good for that song. Did the bass parts, sang and didn't have any major f-ups.

We continued with some other songs and worked our way down. It was a kick in the pants. At one point, Chris led us through two songs, back to back. No, "let's play Sinking," or anything like that. It was just, end one song, start the next, see if the bassist can keep up. Well, I kept up.

For whatever reason, any insecurities I may have in Real Life, kind of disappear when I have my bass on. I may not be the best bassist around, and I'm definitely not the best background singer, but, dammit, I can carry the mail. I bring it home, baby! And I think the Lunds thought so too. Unfortunately for me, they aren't the best at communicating and, though I think they'll have me back to Tacoma, probably won't let me know til next week. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I need a haircut

It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I actually went out of the house to get a haircut. Up until then, it was all Mom, all the time. I guess she didn't do too bad a job, but then, what did I know? Maybe that's why the girls wouldn't give me the time of day...

After that haircut (short on the sides, left long in the front and back. Can anyone say Mullet?), I continued with the "pros" and stopped going to Mom for haircuts.

In the early '90s, I don't remember exactly how I had them cut my hair, or how long I kept my bad ass mullet. In the summer of '93 (I think. Maybe '94), when working at the Y, me and a friend decided on a whim to shave our heads. Bare ass bald. To the skin. So we rounded up the kids (we were camp counselors at the time) and went to work. Off came the hair. I remember how different it felt to have no hair. I went around the house, putting things on my head just to feel how it felt. Pillows. Cats. Tortillas. Showers were a revelation. All that water running down my scalp was fantastic. Yow.

As my hair started growing back, the question was, do I keep it bald or grow it out? I opted for the latter and began growing it, though not to the mullet lengths it was before. Now, I kept it short. As in clipped with a #1 short. As in I looked like I was a military reject short. As in, what was I thinking? Plus, being Chinese, I, of course, have black hair. Couple that with a scalp that doesn't see sun (being covered in hair), and you get a big ugly contrast. Especially right after getting buzzed. I guess I didn't know any better.

As the years passed, I'd go get a haircut almost once every three weeks. I just couldn't stand having long hair. Touching my ears? Forget. Buzz that junk off. I used to just put some gel in it, slick it down and to the side, and be done with it. What a dork!

Last January, I decided to start growing the hair out. I got tired of having this tiny short haircut that, in pictures, made me look like a big moon face. So, for over the past 14 months, I've had maybe 3 or 4 haircuts. Basically to tame the wild beast on my head. Now, I'm growing wings on the sides of my head as my hair goes crazy. I'm thinking of getting a trim today, or soon, to clean things up a bit. It's just not falling the right way. I see these Hair Superstars with just killer hair. Falls the right way, always looks great. Me? It's a 50/50 proposition. Sometimes I dig it, most times, I just deal with it.

Luckily, I don't drink so I won't end up like the guy below.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Why you should drink alone

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Weird sighting of the day

Well, there's something you don't see everyday. A purple Ford F-550 Super Duty (complete with flames!), lifted about 2 feet, lights all over it, big hurkin' tires, driven by...

An Asian male.

*shakes head* What's wrong with him? He should be pimpin' the Lexus IS300, or, better yet, the Honda S2K. Makes me wish I had a camera phone. Maybe I should add it to my list.

But that's not why I posted today. I wanted to know if any other bloggers out there knew why on my profile, it doesn't show posts per day, or words posted, or stuff like that, but on this guy's blog, and this guy's blog, it does. Maybe I suck.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Day: Tuesday Date: May 15, 1984

Since Friday to today, I have been very happy. On Friday, I asked a girl named Robin Hxxxxxxxxx (xxx-xxxx). When I came back to school on Monday, we moved back into Bruce's room. About a half hour later, Robin said yes. Ever since, Robin and I have been talking, (not like me and KS). Rick is also going with Megan P.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Birthday wishes to me

Being the materialistic bastard that I am, I figured that it's never to early to start a What I Want for My Birthday (April 12th, btw) list. So, here we go, in no particular order.

1. Weezer DVD
2. Aimee Mann DVD
3. Forza Motorsport XBOX
4. The Incredibles DVD (widescreen, of course!)
5. Sexy new boxers
6. A night out with the ol' lady
7. Maybe some new instrument cables (ok, one)
8. Logitech Cordless Xbox Controller
9. Some new spring shirts
10. While we're at it, how about a 2005 GTi too? I'll take mine in red, please.

It's pretty sad. I'm always thinking of toys and gadgets to get, but when the chips are down, I can never remember what they are. That list's not a bad start, though.

Wednesday's the day

Finally! I nailed down the Lunds for next Wednesday. It's only been one and half months since we started a dialog. Sheesh. Looks like they have a bassist they've been working with on a "trial" basis. Apparently this guy is doing a decent job, but not "stellar", in their words. My thought? I got your stellar right here!

Since I've had so long to prepare for this audition, I've spent a lot of time going over the tunes. They originally wanted me to go over 4 songs, but with 3-4 weeks of prep time, we've upped that to 7 official, and whatever else I might be able to pick up. So far, they've come along nicely. It's been entertaining playing along with the CDs. Can't wait to play in person.

Next week is shaping up to be pretty busy. I have StarChief rehearsal on Monday. We're planning on doing 20 or so songs for two gigs we have coming up. Doing a handful of covers, too. It's been really fun, actually. Nelson seems to have turned a corner. He was thinking of jumping ship, and now he seems to be really on board. SC as a trio doesn't seem to be such a bad thing after all.

On Wednesday I'll be heading to Tacoma. I Mapquested the info and it's 39 miles from my house. South Tacoma. Sheesh. Did I mention they wanted me there at 7:30pm? Can you say Rush Hour? Ugh.

Then, Saturday, SC is playing a gig at one of Brett's friend's house. Some sort of going away party. Should be off the heezy fo' sheezy. It'll be nice to play in front of some people for a change.

The last time we played was for another friend of Brett's. We played at Brett's work (the Flying Pig in Everett) for his friend's bachelor party. Sadly, it was a pretty gay bachelor party. As in a sausage fest. As in, no ladies. Well, there was one lady there; the groom dressed as a hot, hot blonde. Anyway, we played in the conference area of the restaurant (downstairs) and it was, for me, pretty uncomfortable. For one, there was no stage, and having played over the course of my illustrious career on stages, not having a stage changed the dynamic. I was at eye-level with these dudes, and it was weird. Plus, we didn't have monitor speakers, so anything I sang (poorly, I might add), was broadcast out, instead of back to me, so I had no real point of reference. Monitors are your friend.

The gig we're doing next Saturday is a house party, so, inherently, it'll be pretty lame. Luckily, though, the man of honor knows a TON of people, so the lameness of the party should be less because of it. After all, we all know that:

Lots of people (re: hot babez) > lameness of house party

Then there's this rule, which states:

Lots of people (re: hot babez) + free-flowing alchohol > lameness of house party

But, you add a loud rock band, and you get the following rule:

Lots of people (re: hot babesz) + free-flowing alcohol + StarChief = Police shutdown?

I guess we'll see what happens.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Rude encounter of the day

We went to the mall tonight, first time in months. Had dinner at the Red Robin. Usually, it's fine, but because Haley didn't take a nap and Riley's only 6 months, it was a bit of a challenge. Factor in Marci's new "diet" and we've got tons o' fun.

Anyway, after dinner, I had to run an errand at T-Mobile, so off we went. I talked to the rep and he had to use the phone to call H.Q. In the meantime, I noticed this guy come in, walk straight to the counter (cutting in front of another customer), and ask for help. He got rebuffed, then went to look at phones while the other customer got helped.

As I waited, Haley goofed around as Haley will goof around. Climbing on chairs. Looking at phones. Being 2.11 years old. No big deal to us. Finally, this other customer made it to the counter. I guess he was returning a phone or something. Being a little rude about it.

"I read that this phone has lots of recalls," he said.

T-Mobile rep, Heather, said, "Hmm. I haven't heard about that. They seem to be fine."

"No. They have lousy firmware." Stated as fact by said customer.

Anyway, not a big deal. He seemed a bit snooty, but what can you do? Having done some retail in the past, I try to cut the people on the other side with some respect and compassion unless they really screw it up. Heather did fine and this guy was giving her the business.

So, as I waited for my rep to finish up, the other guy finished and walked up to Marci and said, "Kids are tough to control, huh?"

Marci figured he was making small talk. Empathizing with her. She smiled and nodded.

Then he said, "If you can't control them now, how do you expect to control them as teenagers?"

Now, I was a bit out of earshot, so I figured he was saying that with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink. As in, I know how you feel. But I saw the smug-ass look on his pie-eating face and realized it was not meant in jest.

Remember Newman from Seinfeld? That's how this guy looked. Kind of a tidy fat guy. He was clean cut, shirt tucked in, pants pulled up around his belly button and big glasses. And for a big man (to put it nicely), he moved quick. When I got out of the store, he was a ways away, so I hollered to him, made him think he forgot his phone. Like a dummy, he came back, so I confronted him. When he realized that he didn't forget his phone, he turned and just started walking. But I had him where I wanted him. Without going into detail, I laid into him (verbally, of course). He just kept going, as if I wasn't there. After I said my piece, I stopped and turned around, half expecting a push from behind, but there was none, and the confrontation was over.

Looking back on it, I wish I'd said something wittier, or meaner, but, in the heat of the moment, I did what I could. I called him a fat ass. Somehow, I feel unresolved. Oh well, what're you gonna do? Next time, I'll be wittier.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mom is funny

I'm one of those lucky bastards who works with his family. Most of the time it's not so bad. Sometimes it sucks. But, I digress...

We have a part-time employee who works real part-time. As in only when we need her. And even then, it's too much. This woman is just one of those people that's bad news. She's not necessarily a bad person, per se, but she has done some not so nice things. She is also quite nasty. As in disgusting. As in piggish. Greasy. Sloppy. And, best of all, smelly.

So when she was a full-timer, people pretty much made fun of her behind her back at all times. She's one of these people that just doesn't care about outward appearances. Or what people think. Or what matters to others. Gotta fart but there's people around? No problem! Fire away and challenge someone to call me on it! Look up "white trash" in the dictionary, it has a picture of her there. We had told her several times to clean up and she would, if only a little. What was worst was that she would make her office smell. Not rancid or puke-inducing, but a little funky.

Today, I needed to use that office. I knew she was there yesterday, but didn't think anything of it. I opened the door and the smell bitchslapped me in the nose. Unpleasant and thick. Visualize the cloud of dust around Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoons and you get my drift. Several other co-workers came in and they all commented on the stink. It was pretty funny in its universal ability to disgust.

Anyway, getting to why Mom is funny. She came in earlier and wrinkled her nose, too. I saw her later and she said she called the culprit to ask if she'd left something stinky in the office. My mom. She's priceless.


Heard from the Lund Bros. today. Apparently they're in the midst of firing/hiring a stand-in bassist. Not sure what that meant. But, I'm not shut out yet. They're going to figure things out and get back to me later this week. I told 'em to do what they had to but the better let me audition anyway! This gig is mine!!!!

In other events:

Riley has come down with some nasty ass hive/reaction to some stupid vaccination the pediatrician said he had to have. Well, beyotch, now Riley's been puking (projectile style) and has hives like a leopard has spots. Poor kid is in a bad way. But, you know what's good about being 6 months old? You're blissfully ignorant. He's still laffing a lot and that's good. Marci's a bit concerned (as am I), but I'm sure he'll be fine.

If I had a lot of money, I'd pay off my debt, buy a new house, and one of these. Audi RS4, I love you!!!

Listened to some Weezer today after listening to nothing but Lund Bros. for 2 weeks. I love Weezer! =W=

Ready to enjoy another 60 degree day tomorrow. East Coast can bite my ass. (that's for Jerry)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Uh oh

So I was gonna crack open the good ol' diary and relive some of the junk I wrote about. Maybe put some, word for word, on the good ol' blog.

I grab the diary and notice it's closed. I try to open it and the sucker is locked! Anyone know how to crack a diary lock?

Actually, I'll probably take a saw to the latch later. Then again, is it really that important??

In other news:

Nothing from the Lund Bros. yet. Still waiting for them to get back from New Orleans. I keep checking my email and nada. I can't help but feel like the lonely girl at home on Saturday night, waiting for the phone to ring... I hope to find out about an audition time tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Coming down with something, I think. Eyes burning, coughing a lot. Phlegmy in the mornings. Just feeling a bit run down. Not sure what it is, but it's lame. Been using the massage beds a lot and drinking a lot of juice.

I recently signed up to be a Xango distributor. What's Xango? Go here to find out more.

Back with more later.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You've been warned

Depending on how the night shakes out, tonight might be the night I break open that horrid diary and share some of my 12-year-old thoughts. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's wrong with me?

It's Tuesday night and I'm BORED. I've surfed the net. I've played with my son. I've listened to music. I've played my bass. I suppose I could go to bed, but it's still early.

We have a Tivo and consider it to be part of the family. It was a sad day last Sunday when Tivo's cousin, Tivo Jr. (my bro's Tivo. We were Tivo-sitting while he was on his honeymoon), had to go back home. But we still have our Tivo, filled with entertainment, right?

Usually, I can find something I want to watch on Tivo. We have Season's Passes to shows like Lost and Alias, and those were shows I used to watch religiously. I was pumped up for the new season for Alias (J. Garner with bangs = teh hotness), but, after a few shows, I just lost interest. Same goes for Lost. The premise was interesting, but the dialog just DROVE ME NUTS. I couldn't stand how the characters would talk to each other. It's as if they never crashed in the first place.

So, I'm reduced to blogging. Aren't you guys lucky?

Band update: had rehearsal last night. Went well, with the StarChief guys. The songs, both ours and Brew's, are coming along nicely. Haven't heard back from Lund Bros. yet. My contact has been out of town and, though he said we'd hook up tomorrow, the 2nd, I think he won't be back until the 3rd or 4th. Still looking forward to it.

I'll keep you posted.