Monday, May 23, 2005

One week later

What's new? Nothing. Well, something. Did a bunch of yardwork yesterday. We believe in the bury-it-under-a-bunch-of-bark method of landscaping. We dump 3-4 inches of bark and hope the damn weeds suffocate and die. So far it's looking pretty good. Still have a small car sized pile of bark in the driveway, though...

I just fired off an email to a bunch of people I know, as well as some people I don't, advertising about my band switch. There were probably 20 or so addresses that were of people looking for bassists a few months ago. They have me on their lists, so I figured I'd keep 'em informed about what I'm up to. Networking, you know?

Bummer about the Sonics. I had a great time watching the playoffs. They just lost to a better team. Hopefully management figures a way to keep the big stud hosses (Ray, AD, heck, even JJ after his first round series).

Monday, May 16, 2005


Had a lousy rehearsal tonight. Marci's b-day is Wednesday so we bumped practice to tonight. I was all over the place, missing notes, trying too hard. I need to simplify and learn the parts fully before putting my spin on them.

In other news, Haley took a dump in the potty today. It's about time! We've been on her case for some time and today she did it (3rd time total). We took her to the Raa Sss (Rainforest Cafe) in Ghetto, er, I mean, Southcenter, as a reward. Thing about that place is, their menu is so dang big, I can never figure out what I want. It all looks pretty good, but none of it looks great. Oh well. Riley had a fun time figuring out what the hell the fake lightning storm was all about.

Two words. SONICS, BABY! What a great game last night. I think I love Ray Allen. And don't get me started about Antonio Daniels. I kind of hope Rashard can't play tomorrow. The Spurs have really been killing him on the double team and he can't seem to pass/shoot his way out of it.

Marci got a TiVo for her birthday and Mother's Day. Now that we have 2, I've got some control of my basement again. However, I've forgotten what my dear wife looks like. Turns out, our TiVo time was our time spent together. Looks like I'll have to figure out how to balance things.

Remember: Sonics vs. Spurs, tomorrow @ 6:30pm.

Friday, May 13, 2005

What's up bitches?

Been spending an evening goofing off with Some of you might know when I first started a blog, I used Trouble was, it's a confusing thing to use. People thought they had to sign up to read my ramblings. Rather than feed the confusion, I started this page, which is much easier to use. For the Lund Bros., though, I've started a new site, which you can see here.

Now, you don't have to join or be a member or anything to see that site. It's a big networking thing. I joined and now I can add myself as a friend to, oh, say Jim. Then, his friends see me and maybe one says, "Hmm, the Lund Bros. sound interesting. Let's check them out." They take a look, love what they hear/see, and start telling their bitches, and so on and so on and so on.

You'll see some sites with thousands of friends. Impressive. But when you realize that there are some people that will join just for the sake of joining, you take it with a grain of salt. Apparently those people are called Myspace whores. Me? I'm O.G., baby. Straight up ballin', you know.

So, if you see fit, be my friend.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just got back

from Tacoma. Had a great rehearsal tonight. 26 songs! Not perfect yet, but getting better all the time. I'm having so much fun playing these songs, singing some backups and getting to know Chris and Sean. We'll get together again on Monday for more fun.

In other news... Marci got Riley to sleep on his own tonight. As I type, he's in his crib and Marci's Tivo-ing right now. This is a first. I was out, of course, so she did all this by herself. I'm very proud of her. Usually she'd give in to the turd's cries, but not tonight. Well done. We'll see if he does it tomorrow.

I finally got a copy ofForza Motorsport and I'm hooked. I remember being a Gran Turismo freak on the PS1/PS2 and now, I'm a Forza Whore. I've been spending lots of time after 11:00pm the past few nights racing, tweaking and cursing. Good times, highly recommended.

I've heard that StarChief is no more. Well, at least Nelson is gone. Johnny called me today, said that Nelson is pursuing another band with former bandmates. I haven't heard from B$ for a while; I think it's time to figure out what he's doing. I'll call him tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Sonics tomorrow. Hopefully they can hold serve in Seattle.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Pressure's on!

As mentioned previously, the Lunds and I have a gig next month. This weekend I got an email saying to learn 6 more songs. I've got the basics down, now I have to get comfortable with them. I also got info about the band we're playing with, another pop trio called Shimmer, out of Tacoma. I checked 'em out and, DAMN, they're good. More emphasis on pop than rock, but good stuff. Real radio friendly. It'll be a good bill, with us and them, but for me, the pressure is on.

The Lunds (minus me) had an acoustic gig last week and mentioned our upcoming electric gig. Apparently people are crazy to see the Lund Bros. because they haven't played out electric in over a year. So, what are we gonna do for the unveiling? Well, they have me learning 26 songs. 26! We have a 90 minute set to fill. 90 minutes! I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of doing that before. So far, the songs are coming along for me. These last 6, I've been familiar with 2 of them, so 4 are new. Those were tricky ones, but I got 'em down. I gotta tack some vocals on top and we'll be set. Now, if Wednesday would hurry up and get here already!