Sunday, July 31, 2005


I forgot how fun it is to have people over. Since we had Riley... heck, since we had Haley, we just haven't had people over much. Kids take up a lot of time. But, recently, we had a neighbor's family come over and, you know what? It was a lot of fun. Then last week, we had another friend come over and that was fun too. And tonight, we had a whole boatload of people (and their kids) over, and that was fun.

Nice to be social once in a while.

OT: Google Earth is the shiz!

OT: anyone seen the Family Guy movie? So many good quotes, so little time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rock Star: INXS follow-up

Rats. Tara (not Tana) made it back. But I figured Neal was done for. He was great doing CCR and Stones, but I think he's a one-trick pony. The fact that he couldn't sing Suicide Blonde really killed him.

Jessica's song sounded too low for her range. I'm surprised they didn't say anything about that, or, at least have the band capo up.

Rock Star: INXS!!!

How could I forget this? I've become obsessed with this show. Not so much the drama (as there really is not that much), but the talent on it. Some of these guys and girls BRING IT. Seriously.

Now, some of it is over the top. Then again, they are auditioning to be the frontperson for INXS. I didn't think it was that big a deal. I figured INXS was washed up, the type of band that used to be big, and now plays casinos to make a living. They had a tidbit somewhere that said INXS outsold U2 in record sales or something. (Not as impressive the way I word it, but I thought it was pretty cool).

Anyway, the house band the show uses is pretty bad. As in good. As in super good. And the singers (the show calls them "rockers") all bring something pretty good to the table. So far, I think JD is running away with it. The INXS boys and Dave Navarro (he needs to lose the John Waters pencil moustache) are in love with him. Many of the other rockers do well, but you can only envision them fronting bands in a club style venue. You can see JD ripping it up in a stadium setting.

I'm also sporting wood for Marty. He's a bleached out Iggy Pop, but has great stage presence and cool ass moves. Dud sings pretty well too.

As far as the girls go, I liked Tattoo Girl's (Heather) rendition of Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane). She ripped that up! It was great. Last night she did something else that wasn't *as* good, but the dudes still ate it up.

I think Tana will be gone this week. She did Paranoid and really was just too corny, though, again, the dudes all ate it up.

Check it out. M, Tu, Wed on CBS. Tivo is your friend.

Let's catch up.

Well, what's new? I've been spending a lot of time online (duh) pimping my band. Today, I went and did some deliveries for work and dropped a CD and one-sheet at a club called Neumo's. Kind of a cool club. Never played there before, but saw The Best Band In The World play there. Neumo's is on Capitol Hill, which, if we score a gig there, garners us instant Indie Cred (tm).

I saw the list of bands playing the IPO in the next few weeks. There are many and they are good. Check them out at the official IPO site. I'm really looking forward to getting down there and playing for some people. Should be a great time. However, I'm not entirely sure how to travel with my bass. I'm planning on using my hard case, but don't really want to put it down in the luggage compartment. If I bring my gigbag, I may be able to put it by my seat, or up front, but if not, then they'll stow it anyway and there's not that much protection for it that way. Hmmm.

I'm a bit perturbed that the Sonics let Antonio Daniels go. Here's a guy that was more than willing to come back, and to be a backup PG, no less. He just wanted more of a commitment (5 years instead of 2, I think). The Sonics wouldn't pony up and off AD goes to the Wizards. I always loved it when he checked into a game. The attitude and intensity of the Soups would always ratchet up a notch. Hopefully some of his swagger rubbed off on Luke Ridnour. He's gonna be a 3rd year vet now and I think needs to step up his aggressiveness to the hole.

I guess that's all I got for now. Send your friends to the Lund Bros. site. Be our friend. It really is good music. Give it a listen!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Mixed signals in Tacoma

On my way back from practice I had to stop and get gas. I didn't want to get stranded on a 40 mile trip with no gas.

Anyway, as I'm pumping away, I heard a little boy laugh, and his dad talking to him. I saw this boy, maybe 3 or so, and his dad and another man walk through the parking lot. The boy ran and promptly got grabbed and yelled at by his dad for running through the lot. The three of them disappeared into the mini-mart and I continued pumping away.

A few minutes later, the two men and the boy (3 and up at about 10:00pm) leave the mini-mart, with a case of beer in hand.

Not sure what kind of beer it was, but hopefully it was like Guinness or something.

On a side, completely unrelated note, I spent several hours yesterday playing with a database program called Mediaman. This software lets you catalog all your books, DVDs, video games, CDs, video tapes, etc. You enter the barcode for your CD, for example, and it searches for the best match. You then choose what matches best and, poof! You get a cover shot and text pertaining to said CD. Quite cool for a free utility.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I suck

I just got a response to a blog entry in which I responded to another response.

I won't go into detail much; it's all there if you want to read it. I don't know what was wrong with me at the time I wrote that mean response. I guess I wanted to prove how clever and witty I was, at Tommy's expense.

Turns out, one of Tommy's bandmates found it and sent me a really thoughtful and mature response (unlike mine). I really appreciated what he wrote. It made a lot of sense to me.

Basically, who am I to judge these other guys? Was it fun to rip those ads from the Stranger? You bet. Am I usually that nasty? Only when provoked.

Anyway, my point is, to those offended or put off by what I wrote, instead of saying the standard, "Well, then, don't read my blog!", I'll say, my bad.

To the guys in Horsehedd, I wish you good luck.

From that response:
We may not know what we're doing but we sure have fun doing it. That's what it's all about, isn't it? I personally feel that music is music, one cannot claim to be better than another. We've played with a million bands (slight exagerration) with all kinds of names, with all kinds of personalities, and I'm happy to say that we've generally got along with all of them. We get called all kinds of things and that's what's dissapointing to me. It's not the deflating of ego, we collectively don't have much of one anyway. It's that there are NO black and whites in the world, but everybody seems to think there is. If a band sucks, but all their members are cool, what then? If a band's name sucks but their music moves somebody (even one person) what then? If a band sucks, their name sucks, but they have a blast doing it, isn't that respectable? It's all valid. Too much division in music.
The thing is, I've been there too and for me to bash those guys, Tommy especially, was out of line. +1 to Jonn Rockwell for opening my eyes.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Lund Bros Link

Click on the star to see more!

Jones Town Tunes

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rush geeks (Neil Peart, esp), Unite!

Whilst surfing the Counterparts message board, I stumbled upon a link that is pretty dang cool.

This links to a 3D animation of a man (presumably Neil Peart) drumming to YYZ.

Pretty cool stuff, I say.

Oh yeah. 56k beware. It's a 43mb download.