Thursday, November 24, 2005

My brother the entrepreneur

Talked to my brother for Thanksgiving tonight. The youngest one, unfortunately named Dung (which means East in Chinese, though Mom & Dad could've spelled it a *little* differently), called up to say he bought 3 Xbox 360s. THREE. This from a guy who simply doesn't have time for video games anymore. I think he has an original Xbox and uses it for movie watching.

Anyway, he apparently went to the Bellevue Best Buy and was #179 in line. He waited for 19 hours, he said. And, he went on a whim. Which kind of chaps my hide cause, had I known, maybe I would've camped out with him. I did bust his balls for not calling.

He got one at BB, then one at Costco (got there at 4:00am sometime this week), as well as one from Circuit City online (spent 4 hours online trying). In all, he said over a 48 hour period, he got 2 hours sleep. This from a guy with 3 kids and one more on the way.

So, his plans, much to my chagrin, are to sell each one. I read online about a guy who sold one for $900, had another one from somewhere else, sold it for $800, and is taking the profit ($900) to buy one more Xbox 360 and put the rest towards an HDTV. I told my other brother, Knight (more fortunately named), that come Xmas, Dung's pretended to sell his Xboxes, and he and I will magically find new Xboxes under our Xmas trees.

Yeah, right. I should have done that myself. Make a few bucks for a little effort. Ah, well, there's always the PS3 launch next year...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I've recreated myself under Myspace. You can see how wild and crazy I am at How original!!

Also, that cat got picked up by animal control today. We're hoping it finds a nice home.

Marci's mom is getting on my nerves. Here's what she does. She'll sit at the table. Marci's slaving away cooking something and steps away for a sec. That something cooking starts to boil. Instead of getting up and tending to it, Marci's mom yells, "Marci! Something's really starting to boil!" At which time Marci runs from the other side of the house to take care of it.

Drives me crazy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Things that go Meow in the night

There's a cat outside my back door right now, eating my food and sleeping (maybe) on my towel.

A few minutes ago, Marci heard some meowing. I told her our dumb cat was under the coffee table, dead to the world. Yet she still heard meowing. I turned on the light to the deck and saw this completely gray cat. Boy or girl, I don't know. Its tail is a bit weird, like it got caught in a door. Actually kind of a cute cat.

We put some food on a plate and put it outside with it and that cat chowed down. I pet it a bit and felt its spine right at the surface. Fluffy as the cat may be, it's pretty skinny. It also has no collar or tags, so we have no idea who's cat it is. Haven't seen it around the 'hood. Haven't seen any Cat Missing signs either.

This cat was quite friendly to me, raising its ass in salute as I pet it. I brought a towel outside for it to snuggle in as it's going to get to mid-30s tonight.

As much as I despise my cat (she's an idiot), I hope the Gray Ghost outside does ok tonight. I've sent an email to a cat friendly friend; if the GG is still around, maybe she'll take pity on it and give it a home? If not, we may give Animal Control a call and cross our fingers.

Forgive the zombie eyes. It's actually a pretty cute cat.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last night at the 4th Ave Tavern

Last night's show was the first I've had in a long while where I just didn't want to go. The main reason was the 60 mile drive to Olympia. I spent all day at work driving around, delivering stuff in Seattle, stuck in traffic, etc. Usually it's not a big deal, but, after dinner, sitting down with my visiting father-in-law, and watching the first half of the Sonics game, I didn't want to go anywhere. But, like a good bandmate, I packed up the car at 8:30 and made the trek.

60 miles and 60 minutes later, I was in the state capital. I'd played the 4th Ave a few times a few years ago with Ethyl. It's an interesting club. Half of the place is like a theater. There's a stage and a large viewing area with tables and chairs. Kind of cavernous. The other half of the place is the bar area. There's some pool tables, dart boards, etc.

Sean was there and he was excited; he works in Olympia and was expecting many friends. I got introduced to many people (he has lots of eye-friendly female acquaintances). Sean really puffed me up. I had to have a good show or else I'd be letting everyone down :).

After the first band finished (a lousy, meandering jam type band), we took the stage. The seating area was pretty much filled with people. There were some diva-ish moments on stage with Chris as he had the soundguy tweak his monitor level. Took us about 5 minutes to sort through that. We then started the set. Since there were only 2 bands last night, we got to play our Extend-o-Set, about 25 songs.

Did I mention that EVERYONE in Olympia smokes? That stage was a cancer hazard! However, with the passing of 901, smoking in public places in Washington will soon be a thing of the past! Sweet!

But, I digress.

A few songs in, the girls started dancing. About 3 or 4 of them, just doing the generic White Girl Shuffle. However, having 3 or 4 girls in front of us doing the WGS is better than no girls doing no WGS.

No fisticuffs tonight. Lots of appreciation from the people there. Ran into a guy who was in a band called the Splinters years ago; we played some shows together way back when.

All in all, it was a good night. We got paid again, $100 between the 3 of us. Kind of nice to make money playing music, and also play for more than 10 people. I could get used to that.

For now, we have one more show lined up, though I've been in talks with some bookers around town. Hopefully we'll have one at the Chop Suey in the near future. I'm starting to get the feeling that the bookers around town are hearing about us, seeing the Lund Bros. name in the Stranger, and with my emails, hopefully are keeping us in mind for some shows. Not all will be as great as the past few shows, but, if we can keep the train moving, it'll continue to build.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Saturday at the Jet Deck, put up your dukes!

I'd booked a gig a few weeks ago with Brett from Starchief. This was at a place called the Jet Deck in Everett. I'd heard about it from a friend; she told me it was near an airport in Everett. Their website doesn't do it justice.

I drove into Paine Field and made a few turns. There was this little two story building at the end of this parking lot, surrounded by cars. Brett had told me that there would be a lot of people there; it was a friend's birthday party. I loaded in and was surprised to find that it was on the upper floor of this building, with windows all along the north wall, looking right out onto the tarmac. Had any planes been flying, it would've been quite the sight, but since it was after 9:00, the airport was closed. Bummer.

Anyway, once inside, it was evident that not only was this a cool club, but that there was going to be many many fine patrons there. Keep in mind, the birthday girl was turning mid-20's and most of her friends were around that age. Very eye friendly. :)

Brett's bassist, co-singer and drummer were all there by 9:00, but Brett himself was nowhere to be found. He finally called about 9:15 or so and said he was on the way and to hang tight. Turns out, he went down to take a nap at 3:00 and ended up waking up at 9:00. Then again, he has 2 little kids (he's a stay at home dad during the day, a waiter at night) and is pretty burned out a lot of the time. He finally showed up and they went on about 10.

Overall, for Starchief, it was pretty rough. They had their moments, but, the fact that they'd only rehearsed once in a month (confirmed by B$ himself) showed. Their co-singer (she sings backs and plays tambourine) is new to singing in a live setting and it shows. I've seen them 4 times now and only once has she really been in the game. She doesn't seem to know how to use her monitors to gauge her pitch.

When they finished, we were up. The stage was tucked into a corner of the club and had not only a PA, but also a bank of lights stage left (right where I'd be standing). I wasn't too keen of having the heat of the lights on me all night, so I asked Sean to move his drums over a bit so I could have some room. Because of that, he had to scoot his vocal monitor over also. Chris had his Orange amp there and didn't want to move it over. Some arguing ensued and then the monitor speaker got shoved into Sean's foot. He then shoved Chris.

I was over by my gear, seeing this, thinking they were goofing around, especially when Chris started bouncing on the balls of his feet, dukes up like Ali. I scrambled over there and ended up straddling Sean's kick drum, between the bros. I was thinking they'd stop messing around when I was there, but they didn't. I had my arms spread, one hand on Chris, one on Sean. They were fired up. The club owner came over with a bouncer, thinking it was a bar patron screwing around. When I explained that we were the band and the combatants were actually brothers, well, they had a good laugh. People couldn't believe it.

Chris and Sean finally calmed down and we were able to get down to business. Chris introduced us as Oasis and off we went. We ended up playing pretty well, all things considered. I was able to play without too much trouble with the lights. I got hot, but not any more than usual. It was a great time. Lots of ladies dancing, lots of applause after songs, lots of compliments after the show. And, to top it off, we made $200 for our troubles. Pretty nice night for us.

Next week, the Fightin' Lund Bros. take on Olympia. I can't wait.

The in-laws are coming! The in-laws are coming!

That's right. As of the end of this week, my life is over. Hurricane Judy blows in on Friday. Luckily for me, I'll be gigging in Olympia that night.

Actually, she's not that bad. I just think she is. Luckily, my father-in-law is in on Thursday (the day before), so it's like two steps forward, one step back. Simply having him here neutralizes any power Judy might have.

Because they're coming in, that means it's Clean Up Time at the house. Marci's in full cleaning mode, 1) because the in-laws are coming, and 2) because it's about damn time we did some cleaning around here.

To me, cleaning the house is about as fun as, well, cleaning the house. Actually, it sucks. We are hoarders, so when it's cleaning time, it becomes throw your crap out time. I just threw out a bunch of stuff from my home cleaning excursion from the spring. A bunch of stupid stuff I'd saved from high school. Why do I save it? Apparently because I thought I'd like to have something like a 6" x 6" mirror with Huey Lewis & the News silkscreened across it. Sheesh.

Actually, it shouldn't be too bad with them here. Ted's a great guy and it'll be great to have them here with the kids.

I should have some fun stories when they're here, though. As I once heard on a TV show, our family puts the "fun" in disfunction.