Sunday, January 22, 2006



They won! We won!! By a comfortable margin! With no way to lose at the end like we have so many times before! We dominated! We intimidated!


End of first Q, Carolina 0, Seattle 10.

Great first Q so far. Seahawks defense DOMINANT. If it wasn't for a holding call on Dyson, the Panthers would've had no first downs for the quarter. Now, their 3rd string RB, Goings, is down after a VICIOUS hit by Tatupu (though Lofa took the brunt of it).

/looks at TV.

Touchdown Seahawks!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006



Boy. Typing without using the space bar is harder than you'd think.

I CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow at 3:00pm! Thank goodness I have Tivo; having 2 busy ass kids will make you thankful for all sorts of odd things. Personally, I'd like to go watch the game with friends or my brother, but that would mean leaving Marci with the kids while I had fun. (I know, that's what she's doing next week, but that's different; she's with 'em all the time!) Plus, we look at our weekends as "together" time, as in, we do everything "together".

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my family and everything, but it's hard for me to just sit and watch a football game live, w/o interruptions. Poor me, right?

Anyway, it'll be a badass time tomorrow, with or without the family. I'm going to now predict the outcome of tomorrow's game.

AFC, Pittsburgh at Denver. Denver's at home, but I'm feelin' Pittsburgh. That game last week against the Colts was amazing. Pittsburgh 31, Denver 17.

NFC, Carolina at Seattle. Seahawks can do no wrong. I'm conviced Shaun Alexander will come out his playoff snooze and gain at least 100 yards. Matt will play his usual efficient 225 to 250 yard game and the defense will play as good as they have to to win this game. Carolina 17, Seattle 28.

See you in Detroit!


Last year, when Lost was on, I watched it. Really dug it. About halfway through the season, though, I kind of lost interest. I enjoyed the backstories and stuff like that, but I thought the pacing on the island was way too inconsistent. If I was on that island, I'd be going Fox Mulder on everything looking for the truth, because, after all, the truth is out there.

Anyway, I got tired of people seeing some smoke monster in one episode, then NOT MENTIONING IT TO ANYONE for 3 weeks. Instead, they'd get caught up in petty little fights over stupid stuff.

Towards the end of the season, I got back into it and this season have been watching pretty religiously, enjoying it quite a bit.

Yesterday, I received the season 1 DVDs for Lost via a trade with an internet acquaintance. I watched the first two eps last night.


What a difference it makes to go back and watch knowing what you know now. It seems to shatter the idea that the writers are making things up as they go. Much of what we're seeing even now is hinted at in the first few episodes. It's really quite cool.

One thing I noticed, even though we find out her background in the first episode, is the first interaction with Kate. When we see her, she's coming through some trees, rubbing her wrist. She sees Jack, they proceed to flirt/banter/sew up Jack's wound, and we're none the wiser. However, because I knew she was on the plane handcuffed, that little wrist rub really struck me as, "How cool is that?"

I'm lame!

Anyway, I'll enjoy watching this show some more. Go me!

Happy New Year

2006 is going along so far. Can't say if it's been great or not yet; still to early.

Haley's been a grouch lately. Really giving us the 'tude. "No!" this, "I don't want to!" that. Really sucks. I just want my nice, easy little girl back.

Riley isn't much better. He's been a scream monster. As in, he screams if he doesn't get what he wants. I thought we were better parents than that...

Marci is going out of town next week. She'll be in Napa for 4 days with a girlfriend of hers. It'll be her first time away from the kids for an extended period of time. Of course, she's feeling tremendous guilt about this. I think she should just go and enjoy herself. She will, but I think it'll be weird for her for a while.

I have been working, trying to figure out how to run our family business when my folks finally decide to retire. Apparently it's going down in the next 6 months or so. Trouble is, I have good people working with me that may or may not be willing to wait out another 6 months working for The Man. Who knows? Maybe I won't be able to either.

Musically, the Lunds are taking a mini-break. We've flat run out of gigs! It's not all bad, though. We've been gigging once or twice a month since summer, so this gives us time to learn some new songs and possibly record some as well.

I recently picked up a new effect pedal for my bass, a Fulltone Bass-Drive. Gives nice, full overdriven distortion without sucking out the bottom. So far, I haven't used it in a band setting, but will on Monday. Looking forward to that.

Since I bought my 2x10 cab, the ol' Trace cab has been sitting in my basement, right behind me, acting as table. Well, no more. Today I took it and a Spector NS-2000 bass I'd had for awhile and never played to my local friendly Guitar Center. Trading those in, I got $350 and with the $420 (420!!!) I had from some eBay sales, I picked up one of these:

A Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. Nice! A few years ago, I had an American Deluxe Jazz, a pretty maroon one. Trouble was, I could NOT get that sucker to sound good to my ears. Maybe it was my gear at the time? Don't know. It just didn't do it for me, sadly. I ended up trading it for the Spector. And now, ironically, with the Spector, I've reacquired a Fender Jazz.

I ended up paying $300+tax for it after my trades. It also came with a killer gig-bag, probably worth $40 or so by itself, so I'm pretty happy with the deal.

So far, I've switched out the E tuning peg for a Hipshot D-tuner and added Dunlop straplocks. I'll put a tiny sticker of me and Marci on it and it'll be complete. The trouble with black is, you gotta have clean hands when you play it cause ALL your fingerprints will show up on it. Looking forward to Monday to try out my new toys.