Tuesday, February 28, 2006

6 degrees of blah blah blah

The other day I was driving around and heard this song. Uptempo, INYOURFACE guitars, ballsy riffs and a nice, sneering female vocal to round things out. I couldn't place it; had never heard the song before. But I felt like I had to know who it was. Even called the radio station to ask, but I didn't have the number right.

So after the song was over, Mr. DJ said it was a song by a band called Damone. I busted out the ol' Palm and scribbled down the name for reference.

That night, I looked 'em up on the web and found that song again, called "Out Here All Night". What a great song! I found their myspace site and read up on them a bit. Saw the singer's name is Noelle and they're from Boston, MA.

The next day I had that band on my mind. I went into Julie's office (a gal I work with) and asked her about Damone, if she'd heard of them, since she's from Boston as well. She said no, but then asked if the singer's name was Noelle.


I said yeah, and she asked if her last name was LeBlanc. I wasn't sure, so I looked her up. Sure enough, that's her name. Well, it turns out that Julie is related to Noelle. It's a weird relation with half-sisters and stuff like that, but, in talking to Julie, it was pretty evident that though they're not tight, they are related.

Pretty cool.

And, from the music I've heard from Damone on the web, I have to say that I am very impressed and like it a lot. Kind of like the Donnas, but with some musical chops. Noelle's got a bit of a Juliana Hatfield vibe going on. In fact, think Jules fronting Weezer and you have an idea.

I am digging this band. The last band I fell hard for like this was the almighty Muse.


Check 'em out. They may not be for everyone, but I am enjoying it.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


The lady and I are watching "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and have it paused for a sec.

I actually sat down today (well, in the car) and listened to some Beatles. Of course I've heard many songs of theirs, but never really listened to them. I'm doing so because Chris wants me to record some bass tracks for 3 songs he's recently recorded and wants me to do some "McCartney-esque" lines. So off to studying the Beatles I go.

Apparently I missed the memo, but Paul is ONE BAD MUTHA on the bass! Even on the songs I've heard a million times (specifically from Abbey Road), I'm just blown away at some of the stuff he does. Great stuff.


The Seahawks played poorly. I'll leave it at that.


My new Geddy Lee bass is THE BOMB! Plays like a dream, sounds and looks great. The only drawback is that I haven't played my MusicMan for a while now. She's calling to me, telling me how lonely she is.


I'm hooked on American Idol. There's a contestant, Katharine McPhee, that I want to win because not only can she sing, but she's a fox. Rowr.


And, just because my wife asked, yes, I am writing about you and yes, you are lovely. xo