Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Let's see.

What's new?

Well, I've been in jury duty for the past 2 weeks. 10 days to be specific. I'll spare you the gory details (a civil case involving millions of dollars). I was the 14th juror.

But wait! you say. Aren't juries made of 12 jurors? Correct! I and another guy were alternates. And after 10 days of testimonies, guess what? We were excused today! On the one hand, that means I can get back to my normal routine. The bad news is that I was away for 10 days for nothing other than an insurance policy for the other jurors. Kind of a waste of time if you look at it like that.

It was cool, though. Got to spend a bunch of time in downtown Seattle. That was fun. Usually when I'm downtown it's either driving through or hitting one destination and nothing more. The past 2 weeks I was able to walk around, see stuff, eat out and see friends. Got a little taste of being a "city boy". Rode the bus. Good times. Tomorrow, it's back to work and drama. Ugh.

Lund Bros. opened for a major label band a week or so ago. We opened for a band called MxPx, out of Bremerton. They're a punk/pop band. Apparently they were a huge influence for bands like Green Day and the like. Or so I've heard. Anyway, that was a fun show in that there were about 100 or so kids there on a Monday night. Nothing became of it, but it was nice to play for some people for a change. Next up? A street fair in Tacoma. Be still my beating heart!!!

In other news, I'm listening to the new Muse CD, Black Holes and Revelations. I stumbled upon Muse in 2004. I heard their song Time Is Running Out before their record Absolution was released in the US. I picked up their debut, Showbiz, and fell in love with them. Insane guitars, drums and bass; wild, melodic, harmonic vocals; incredible songwriting and musicianship.

This new CD is more of the same, but to me, there isn't a standout "hit" like TIRO or Hysteria or Butterflies & Hurricanes. There are good tracks, but I guess I need more time to digest them.

I guess that'll do for now...