Monday, March 26, 2007


Had rehearsal tonight and realized that I've been playing the same songs with the Lunds for almost 2 years now. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But, to drive 40 miles one way, then 40 miles back costs me about $10 a trip, and, to play the same songs over and over gets a little old. So I've been a little excited that Sean has been writing some new songs. He sent me 5 tonight. I'm quite impressed. They're rough; just guitars, vocals and light percussion, but I love where he's going with the songs. Very melodic and catchy. Typical Sean, in my opinion. I think both bros write great songs but I think Sean's are a little more accessible.

Anyway, he's wanting to go in the studio in a few months. It'll be nice to rehearse for that as, for 2 years now, I've never worked on new material with them, other than by myself for the few songs I recorded for Chris.

Wow. Sean has some great songs. There's one I'm listening to now called Sugar that he wrote several years ago. It's actually recorded and done and it KICKS ASS. That will be fun to play live.

Oh. I played at my friend Rob's church yesterday. That was fun. I hadn't played with Rob for almost a year (last Easter). It's so nice to be able to play and just know that the drums are there. Solid. My regular God gig has a couple of kids in it. The drummer is maybe 20-21 and the guitarist/singer is 18. For once, I'm the old man in the band and it sucks. Hell. I've been playing bass for longer than they've been alive! They're not bad players, but they are really just learning the craft of being in a band. It's just not solid. Who knows? Maybe it's me and Rob's history of 10 or so years (on and off) of being a rhythm section. Maybe it's because he's a badass on the drums. In any event, it's always fun to play with him. It's just too bad that his church is 25 miles away. If it was closer, I'd change churches to play with him.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

20 oz. and TMI

Almost 2 cans of pop. Half of a 40. And 20 oz. was what came out of Riley's stomach tonight. How did I know?

I was putting dishes away tonight and Riley started moaning a little. Marci rushed over and I handed her a Tupperware mixing bowl we have. Sure enough, Riley started blasting away again. This time, he did about 3-4 heaves. The side of the bowl has measurements and that line of vomit just cleared the 20 oz. mark. I almost took a picture of the results.

Last night, we were brave and took the brood out to dinner. A nice, kid-accepting though not necessarily kid-friendly, restaurant. Marci really wanted sushi and when Marci wants sushi, well, watch out.

Anyway, dinner went fine and the kids were not bad at all. At the end of dinner, Riley puked. Luckily, it was only a little bit and not the torrent from the other night or tonight. So, that wasn't too bad.

Today, he had the runs also. In the past, he would've blown out his diaper (the parents know what I mean). Luckily, we've been working on toilet training and he was able to hold it when were out and did his deed in the bowl.

Apparently he has a virus, or so says the on-call nurse. When he's not puking or pooping, he's fine. But what's coming out of his body tells us otherwise. I myself have felt fine, though my tummy has been rumbly all day and, well, my stuff has been less than solid. So I may be fighting something as well.

Good times.

On deck: playing bass at Rob's church.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Puke. It's what's for dinner!

For dinner, Marci made baked potatoes. I served up the kids and had just garnished mine. Butter, sour cream, bacon bits and some chopped green onions. Yum.

Then a tube of vomit shot out of Riley's mouth, into his plate/bowl. Oops. Then he did it again. I caught some of it with his plate/bowl. The rest of it ended up on the floor, and it appeared to be his lunch (oranges and mac 'n' cheese, fyi, but not in that order). Marci ran over to grab Riley and booked ass to the bathroom. I thought he was done, but, not quite. He blasted the bathroom floor (more oranges and m & c). When I got there, he was practically inside the toilet bowl and had puked once more.

Riley's been having some issues with eating with some time now. We're finally starting to narrow things down to enlarged/swollen tonsils. He's almost 2.5 years old and still drools quite a bit. Well, if you couldn't swallow normally, you'd probably drool too. So, in a few weeks, we're taking the poor boy over to Children's to get them and his adenoids removed. The doctors and experts we're seeing all say that he'll be able to eat normally, and, hopefully, sleep normally after the surgery. Nowadays, Riley is waking up once or twice during the night and we're getting sick of it. Supposedly he's gagging on saliva he's not swallowing, which wakes him up, etc.

Anyway, we cleaned the puke and he seems to be fine. We think he took a too-large piece of broccoli and it got stuck, so he gagged and vomited everywhere.

Isn't that nice?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So much drama, so little time

Work has been terrible lately. Friday, I let someone go only to let him back. Monday, someone wanted to quit only to unquit. Today, the person I let go on Friday decided to step down altogether.


Then again, it could be worse. An old friend's dad had a heart attack last week and had a quadruple bypass surgery today. Yikes! Apparently he's doing as well as he can be after major surgery and things are looking positive, but, keep your fingers crossed anyway.

In other news, I am having 20+ years of snoring investigated. A few weeks ago, I attended a sleep information seminar in which I was the youngest participant by 15 years, at least. Apparently, according to Marci, I snore like a buzzsaw. She hears me from other rooms, from upstairs (when I fall asleep downstairs), etc., etc. In fact, I'm still up now to make sure she's asleep before I turn in.

Anyway, in a few weeks, I'll be spending at least one night being observed at the sleep clinic. I'll have all sorts of monitors on me, as well as a video camera and sound recording. Note to self: no beans on day of testing.

As of March 1, I have not had any soda. I heard some radio guys saying how they were giving up smoking, drinking, cursing, etc. for the month of March and I decided to give up my 1-2 can a day habit. After all, it is just liquid candy, right? I've been drinking a lot more water and OJ and still hitting $tarbuck$ and/or the coffee pot every once in a while. I do miss the pop, but not nearly as bad as I thought.

Been playing a lot of Zelda on the Wii. Who woulda thought that waving a controller around like a sword would actually feel like... waving a controller around like a sword. It's really quite intuitive and fun. Pressing a button is just so passe!

Watched a few movies the past few days. Saw the Holiday on Friday. Total chick flick. Ruined not only by being a CF, but also because Jack Black was in it being a Smooth Operator version of himself. Also, they managed to make Kate Winslet look plain and Cameron Diaz look hot. Hurwha? Then we watched the Island on Saturday. That movie wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Plus it had some killer chase sequences and good blowed up stuff. But, for a movie set in 2019, all the cars looked like today's cars with some "futuristic" ground efx. Lame. And today we watched the Break-Up. I have a friend who despises Jennifer Aniston; I happen to think she's PRETTY FRIGGIN HOT. But the movie was meh. Kind of deflating. Kind of uncomfortable (think the Office) at times. Vince Vaughn is a riot, but he just plays the same chatty character we all love him to play. Up next? Casino Royale.

Tomorrow night is Wednesday which can only mean one thing! The return of Friday Night Lights! It starts at 8 on NBC and if you don't watch it, you SUCK. Best damn show on TV, bar none. Tomorrow's is the first of 4 new shows, so don't miss it.

I guess that's it for now. It's kind of fun blogging. I only hope people are reading.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yet more about Brad

Yow. Evidently Brad killed himself. They found notes taped to a bathroom door. He had locked himself inside and started up two charcoal grills.

So sad.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More on Boston

Killing time tonight, reading some of the nice articles around the web about the passing of Brad Delp. I am a big fan of Boston and have been since high school, when, even then in the late '80s, Boston was considered "classic" rock. Don't recall how I got into them; maybe it was hearing stuff off their "new" record, Third Stage. But I do recall how much I just enjoyed the music. Heck, in one of my art classes, I even reproduced the yellow Boston logo for a project.

At the time I first started listening to Boston, I'd only been playing bass a few years and hearing how intricate, organic and tasty the bass playing was on Boston and Don't Look Back really inspired me. In fact, until last year, I thought the bassist for Boston was a stud named Fran Sheehan. Turns out, the bass playing (and almost all the other instruments, save drums) was done by Boston brain-child, Tom Scholz.

But I digress.

In reading some fan posts about Brad's passing, I've found myself pretty moved by the whole thing. I mean, I've listened to Boston going on 20 years now, and fairly frequently over those last 20 years. Lots of people lament that Boston's always on classic rock radio, or Jack FM, or whatever the greatest hits stations play, but me? No way. I could listen to even Boston's greatest hit over and over again. And with Brad's layered vocals and the sweetness of his voice? Forget it. Nothing but man love for that from me.

I did have the good fortune to see Boston with Marci at the Gorge about 10 years ago? Maybe it was longer than that. But what was cool about that show was that it was the original Boston line up, including Brad on lead vocals. I guess there was a time when they had some fill ins for Brad, but at the Gorge, it was original Boston.

So, right now, I'm just finishing up listening to Boston on the computer, headphones and all. Need I even say how fucking GREAT this record is? Unbelievable. And to think these guys were all in their mid-20s when they put this out? What I would give to have played music like this 10 years ago. Heck, as much as I love the band I'm in now, it cannot hold a candle to the brilliance of Boston.

Anyway, it seems that Brad was one of those guys we all wish we could be: humble, nice, universally loved, and a killer singer. Ok, maybe not a killer singer, but just a guy that made things better by just being himself. If we could all be so lucky.

Do yourself a favor. Put on some Boston and enjoy the legacy that Brad has left behind. He will be missed.

Monday, March 12, 2007

SWEEEEEEET!!!!! New Rush, Bitches!!!!

New Rush!

Rush's new single, Far Cry, was released to the internet today. Here's my .02.

  • Many hits and punches!
  • Tasty riff!
  • Even at 192kbps, sounds like a good mix!
  • Neil Peart! And his Signature Ride Cymbal Pattern!
  • Great guitar tones!
  • Odd time signatures!
  • Lots of layers, especially in Alex's playing!
  • Hemispheres Chord!!
  • Geddy's flamenco bass playing. Never been a big fan of that. He started it on the Counterparts CD, though, if you watch the Limelight video from '81, you can see him doing it there.
  • Geddy's "smooth" voice. In most of the Rush releases since, say the mid '80s, Geddy sings and no longer goes balls out. I understand his voice has mellowed with time, but sometimes I just wish he'd go for it.
  • Harmony vocals and vocal layers. Is it me or does Rush just do weird vocal harmonies?
  • No guitar solo. I got tired of Vapor Trails and its lack of soloing. So far, with Far Cry, there is no solo. I'm guessing there will be on the other tracks.
  • Length of tune. Can there be a thing as too much Rush? Sometimes. Again, see Vapor Trails, a record they produced themselves. In other words, each song on VT was about 2 verses too long as the boys couldn't find a good place to end them. Having a producer for this new record should help the tunes tremendously.
Overall? I think I really like this song Far Cry. It's strong, has attitude and some bad, bad playing by my favorite Canadians. If the rest of Snakes & Arrows can be as strong as this lead track, we could be in for the best Rush record since Counterparts!

May 1 can't come soon enough!

Friday, March 09, 2007

RIP Brad Delp

He sang for one of my favorite bands, Boston. In fact, I think his vocals and layers made that band. The songs and musicianship were all awesome, but what set Boston apart from so many other bands was how Brad could SING. High, harmonies, everything. So great.

I actually saw Boston play at the Gorge about 10 years or so ago. It was their original lineup, if I recall correctly, and it was a great show.

Brad was only 55. Sad.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


degrees? What did I tell you? Rainy, cool, typical Seattle. Bleh.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


degrees says the reader board by my work. OMG! I heard it would be 65 today and it may be warmer than that. Boy is it nice.

I now have a Wii. I walked into Best Buy a few weeks ago on a lark, just to see if they had any. Lo and behold, I sighted not one, but two Wiis in the wild. Needless to say, I grabbed one and took it to the check-out. (Should've grabbed both as I probably could have made $50 to $100 on it) Got the sucker home and got in a bit of trouble as the Mrs. was planning on getting one for my b-day in April. Regardless, I plugged it in and had some fun playing baseball and bowling with Haley. Riley hasn't got the skillz just yet to play. I also picked up Zelda: Twilight Princess a few days later and have been having much fun with that (this coming from a non-Zelda person).

(Wow. My door is open and I'm a bit sweaty. Workin' hard typing this blog, I guess)

Our last show got canceled. I guess Chris was getting jerked around by the booker. He ended up backing out of the gig. Too bad as I always enjoy playing, even if it's in Tacoma. Plus, our next shows aren't until May, so, unless something pops up, that's it for 2 months. Ugh. On the upside, that lets us work some other tunes into the set. Possibly even a Queen cover...

(This weather is really a trip. I have no idea how the rest of the week is supposed to be but I know this is just a tease. It'll probably be rainy and gross for the next few days.)

I have a skin tag on my neck that is driving me crazy. It's right at my collar line and every time I move, it gets bumped and is aggravated. I should just pull the sucker off and deal with the pain (and blood), but I'm too big a wimp.

Someone I know fairly well and have always known as someone who likes kids but doesn' t want kids is pregnant. Not an unplanned pregnancy, but this person is still coming to grips with it. I am very happy for this person and look forward to getting the ok to spill the beans.

Goodbye for now as it's time to do some real work.