Monday, April 30, 2007

Last night at the Rendezvous

All in all? Not a bad night.

I went in expecting the worst. This show had several strikes against it before we even set foot on stage. First was that it was on a Sunday night. We've had many Sunday shows recently, but this one was definitely the latest, starting at 10:00pm. Second strike was that it was a gig at the Rendezvous. For whatever reason, we simply do not draw there. Don't know if it's the venue or the band, but every time we've played there, we have not had good luck. I personally like the club, though I'm not a huge fan of being held hostage for $75 right at the get go. Third strike was that when I booked the show, I forgot that Marci would be out of town, hence making me have to find a babysitter to just be in my house as the kids slept. Luckily, our friend Erin stepped up to the plate and came over for a couple hour nap. Thanks Erin!

Anyway, we played the same set we played last week. We debuted a song live for the first time, Sean's "Protest Song". The boys are quite liberal in their stances, but I digress. Overall I think we played quite well, though Chris seemed to be having some vocal issues; he sounded a little stuffy even before taking the stage.

The Rendezvous is an ok club. They have a PA for vocals and kick drum only, and, evidently just added a drum monitor at the rear of the stage (a welcome touch). When you're onstage there, it's tough to see the people in the crowd (or lack thereof) as there are lights shining directly in your eyes. When there are a lot of people there, it can be quite fun as the people will stand right at the edge of the stage. Last night? Not so much. But we did have a good number of folks show up.

I stayed later than I should have, considering Erin was stuck here, but I watched the entirety of Llama's set. It was cool to see them after having their CD for some time now as I knew many of the songs they played. They also played some new songs they've just recorded and they were quite cool. Rusty isn't a shredder on guitar, but he did solo a bit and it was really great.

I didn't get to catch Saccharine as it was 12:00am and I was about to turn into a pumpkin. Hopefully a few people stayed for their show and hopefully at least $75 was made at the door.

Next up: Cinco de Mayo at the Skylark. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More stuff

Random notes:
  • I have the new Rush. I have not listened to it yet. I'm trying to wait until Tuesday. But I've listened to a few seconds of a few songs. Some reviews love it, but those are mostly rabid Rush fans, so take it with a grain of salt. Rush could put out cheesy metal and those people would still defend it to their deaths. I've also seen some reviewers really pan this new stuff. I'm pretty even keeled about it. The few snips I've heard seem to be pretty cool so far, but all told, aside from Far Cry, I've heard maybe 20 seconds total. Can I make it to Tuesday? I think I can!

  • I got a new cell phone. A Motorola MOTORIZR Z3. I am so cool! It's a trendy slider phone! And it can do ringtones! For the longest time, I thought ringtones were lame. But now? I'm all geeked to find songs to apply to my contacts. For Marci, I happened to have my mp3 player on random and a friend's band's song "Marcia Baby!" came on coincidentally, so, of course I edited it and put that as her song. I've got the instrumental part of Muse's "Knights of Cydonia" for my bro, as well as "Back in Black" for a guy I work with. I put "Bonehead Rocker" for my man J-lo and Led Zep's "Immigrant Song" (you know the part) for someone else I work with. Geeky fun at its finest.

  • Marci is leaving town for So Cal tomorrow night. I'll have the kids to myself from Friday afternoon until Monday night. Last time I did it, it was tough, but doable. This time should be fine, though I'm a bit overextended for the weekend. I'm helping someone move on Saturday morning. Sunday morning I'm playing in the church band. Sunday night I have a gig. Ugh.

  • Watched the Office tonight. Was a bit let down for the first time in awhile. No new developments on the Jim/Pam front, though Pam seemed chummy in the conference room when joking with Michael about wasting time.
That's it for now. If I don't post next week, send help!

Sleep. So good.

For the past two nights, Marci and the kids have been gone, off to visit their parents/grandparents who are visiting here at Lake Chelan. (Read it slow, it does make sense). So, while they've been away, it's been nothing but partying and hedonism for me, right? Uh, no. I've actually also spent the past two nights away from home, in a foreign bed... with all sorts of wires and electrodes fastened to me. That's right! I've been participating in a Sleep Study!!

A few months ago, I went to a free seminar about sleep. Marci's complained for years that I snore and, since the meeting was free, I figured, what the heck. When I got there, I was the youngest person in the room by probably 15 years. There was some interesting info to be had, and, long story short, I pursued it further.

Fast forward to the past two nights. I set it up so that I'd be gone when the family would be gone. Each night, I'd come home, make some sorry ass dinner, take a shower and shave (per the clinic's request) and head for Issaquah.

At the clinic, I checked in and was taken to a small 15' x 15' room with attached bath/shower. The room had a full bed, LCD tv on the wall, and a phone. It wasn't fancy, but it was pretty comfortable. My technician, Earl (bald guy with a goatee), told me to kick back and hang out for a bit and he'd be in to wire me up shortly. So I kicked back and hung out and watched some relaxing History Channel show about the making of the atomic bomb, AKA Project X.

Earl came in and had all the bedside manner of a mute. He didn't talk a lot and, since he was a big boy, breathed hard. He had me sit in a chair and proceeded to rub what felt like fine grit sandpaper soaked with rubbing alcohol on parts of my face. Apparently that was to "score" the skin to allow the electrodes to adhere better. At the end of it all, 30 minutes later, I had the following attached to me:
  • 3 electrodes on my scalp, stuck to my luxurious locks by what felt like greasy rubber cement.
  • 1 electrode on the center of my forehead.
  • 1 electrode behind each ear.
  • 1 electrode on either temple.
  • 1 electrode on my chin.
  • 1 electrode under my chin.
  • 1 electrode near my right shoulder.
  • 1 electrode to the left of my belly button.
  • 2 electrodes on each shin.
  • 2 straps going around my torso.
  • 1 strap holding a device to my belly.
  • 1 thimble like thing on my left index finger.
  • 1 something or other in my nose to measure my breathing.

Boo! Did those pictures scare you?

Anyway, after getting wired up for the first night, I slept. Went to bed about 10:30, was woken up at 6:45 the following day. It was pretty uneventful save for the fact I woke up several times during the night because of all the freakin' wires.

The second night was much like the first, only I had a guy named Keith setting me up. He was much more personable than Earl and, as you can see in the pictures above, he actually did the wiring with some neatness (Earl's wiring job was much more tangly). Keith was also deaf in one ear. Neat!

Evidently, according to the charts taken from my first night's sleep, I had 317 episodes of apnea (when breathing stops) over the course of 8 hours sleep. Each episode is measured only if I stop breathing for 10 seconds or more. My average apnea time was 23 seconds, with a long of 53 seconds. Basically, for every hour of sleep, my brain was having to wake my body to breathe about 45 times. This meant that though I may have slept 8 hours, my brain didn't get 8 hours. So, it's not good. Luckily, though, because I'm young and so damn fit, it's not as serious as it may be for someone who's say, 55 and 50 pounds overweight.

Last night, I slept without anything in my nose, but had something over my nose. It was a mask connected with a device called a CPAP (which I forget what it stands for, but part of it stands for Continuous Airflow and something or other). What this device does is blow moistened air into your face (nose) and force your airway to stay open and clear, which all but eliminates snoring and sleep apnea. Here. Take a look!

Needless to say, it's pretty ungraceful and a bit uncomfortable, but, through the course of last night, it did its job. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't too weird to get used to. I fell asleep fairly quickly and actually slept better than the night previous.

So now ball's in my court. I have to follow up with insurance and get a CPAP. This apnea thing is basically something I have to deal with the rest of my life. It's not a killer, yet. I've lived with this for at least 15 years (I can remember falling asleep in classes in high school and I pretty much slept my way through college) and thought being tired was normal. Well, if I'm STOPPING BREATHING at night, that's pretty bad. And getting up after 6-7 hours and still feeling exhausted kind of sucks. So, my hope is that I can get more restful sleep, not keep Marci up with snoring and breath stoppages, and be less tired during the day. I'll keep you posted on these super exciting developements as they come.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tonight at Hell's Kitchen and an update

Crap. I just had a bunch of post and my frickin' browser crashed. Grr.

Anyway, we played HK tonight and did good. We went first and had a good crew out there. Second up was a band from TN called Glossary. Horrible name, great band. They were quite rocking in person and I'm surprised at how country they are on CD. Kind of weird. But they had a chick singing backing vocals and playing percussion and I am a sucker for some good chick rock (Jules, Aimee, etc).

Note to self: get some sort of hair restraining system for the next gig. My hair is almost to my chin in the front and doesn't quite stay behind my ears. Plus, it takes just one headbang for the hair to go nuts, all over, into my mouth, nose, eyes, etc. Then again, I did get some comments about how badass I looked... or was that just bad? Hmm.

Next week, our Sunday Tour continues. We'll be playing the Rendezvous in Belltown with our friends Llama and new friends Saccharine. I'm not expecting a ton of people as it's at 10:00pm. On a Sunday! Luckily, we get to go first. Yippee!

In other news, Haley turned 5 yesterday. Here's a pic:

She got a ton of presents and is, most of the time, a joy to be around. Every once in a while, she's a pain, but then again, what 5 year old isn't?

Next up is Marci. She's going to be 38 next month. I hope she's not expecting a surprise party. I'm terrible at that kind of stuff.

This week, Marci and the kids are going to Lake Chelan to visit with Marci's parents. Ted and Judy were here yesterday for Haley's birthday and they left for LC today. When Marci and the kids take off, I'll be by myself for the first time in, what, 2 years? But, before you all call to take me to Rick's, I'll be participating in a sleep study at the Swedish Sleep Clinic. I'll spend the night at the clinic, be videotaped and monitored via cables, etc, to see if I have sleep apnea or anything else. Evidently I snore like a m.f. and, because of that, I don't sleep well, even though I sleep well. Get it?

Then, at the end of the week, Marci goes to Cali to visit her friend Nadejda. They're going to Girls Gone Wild it up for a long weekend while I beat my kids into submission for being smart asses. Speaking of asses, see that gig at the Rendezvous above? Well, my built in babysitter (Marci) will be out of town. Lucky for me, my friend's wife (who is also a friend, btw!), has told me she would babysit for me as I'll be rocking that night. I actually only need a warm body over the age of 18 to be in the house as the kids sleep and Erin said she'd be perfect for the job. So mad propz to her, whut whut.

Oh yeah. Apparently, if I wanted to, I could go listen to 30 second snips of all the new Rush tunes. Heck. I could even d/l the record (illegally) if I wanted to. I've heard some reviews of the CD. Some love it, of course, but some are totally panning the record, saying it's the worst they've ever done and the hype behind it is completely false. Well, I'll be buying it anyway on 5/1 and I think I will hold of on listening to the preview clips. Go me!

That's all for now. I gotta go take a shower.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is cool

Fast cars and CG. Can't miss!

Color me surprised!

Today we got up with nothing on the radar, so we went... car shopping! Actually, car looking, if you will. As I said here, the cars we have are getting a little tight. So we checked out the Nissan Murano and the Acura RDX. Both are mid-sized SUV style cars and both were pretty dang cool. Afterwards, we hit up Best Buy to spend some of the gift card $$$ we received. Following that, it was to meet some friends at the local skating rink for some good ol' Family Fun.

A few weeks ago, I was on Marci's computer and noticed that there was an email from a friend of ours from church. The email said something about a 35th birthday. Well, I didn't and wasn't snooping and Marci told me it was for someone else in our church group. Plus, that person it was from isn't someone we normally hang with, so I didn't pay it any mind.

A little after that, I heard from a family member that they would be attending my party. ???

So, as my birthday came and went, no party happened. I figured nothing was up and just went about my business.

Anyway, at Skate King, we met up with our friends and were waiting to get in. I turned around and happened to see Rich, a guy that works for me. Now, Rich is someone who definitely has no business being at a roller rink, so that basically gave away the surprise. I figured something was up. Plus, I saw a few cars outside that looked like cars I knew.

So, the big surprise was up. But, as I entered the main room and heard, "SURPRISE!", well, I was quite surprised. Marci and Julie had cooked this up for about a month and there were about 25 people there for me. Let's see if I can get them all.

Marci, Haley, Riley, Knight, Shannon, Dung, Megan, Michael, Julie, Rick, Ed B. Aaron C., Nuria, Eliana, Sydney, Ed H., Nancy, Aaron H., Rich, Marcia, Dan, Emily, Allison, Rachel, Rob, Tomoko, and Chuck. I think that was everyone. I guess there was one no-show and some people that would've come, but were out of town. It was a huge surprise to see all these people for me. Much fun.

Onto the skating. I haven't skated on rollerskates for, I don't know, 20 years? I ice skated 1.5 years ago, but the two are different beasts. Haley and Rye had never been skating before today, and after today, I think Skate King will be a huge fixture in our lives for the next several years.

Haley was hilarious. She's usually quite athletic and good at these kinds of things. But once she got those skates on, she might as well have been walking on a floor covered with marbles and ice. She was all over the place.

I started off skating with her, hand in hand. It was fun and I think her left arm is now 1" longer than her right. Everytime she fell, I was yanking her arm to keep her upright. She must've fallen 10-20 times on every lap around the rink. What was amazing, though, was that she kept going. She never got frustrated, and she totally enjoyed it. As me and other parents and adults cruised around and tired, I kept asking if she wanted a break and she'd tell me know, that she wanted to keep plugging away. There was a time when none of my party was on the rink. We were all in the seating area with Haley nowhere to be found. I looked on the rink and there she was, a little blue dot on the far side, shuffling along on her own, arms and legs flailing when she'd hit the deck. It was so damn cute and I was just so proud and amazed by her perserverance. I couldn't tear her from that rink! Over time, though, she did tire and I finally got her to take a rest.

I got to catch up with my man Chuck for a bit. He's a big dude, 6'5" or so. When I got to the party, many people already had skates on. As I said hi to him, I thought he had 'em on too. Then I remembered that he's one big dude and he actually didn't need the 3" skate lift. I guess it'd been awhile since I'd seen him.

My friend Aaron C., whom I've known since middle school, was there and I hadn't seen him for about 6-8 months? He's someone that's always working super hard at anything he does. His ambition and energy are limitless and if I could have just a little of that rub off on me, I'd be a better dude.

It was great to see friends and family, even if it wasn't a party for me. It's funny how it's always so much fun to do something like that; I wish we'd do that more often just for the hell of it. But, we're busy, you're busy, everyone's busy. It's amazing that people would take time out of their schedules for something like this.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It was a good day

35 has come and gone and, all in all, I had a good time. I probably had the geekiest birthday ever, considering the gifts I received. Here's a list.
  • Nintendo Wii component cables (for a better picture. How geeky is that?).
  • Super Paper Mario for Wii.
  • Madden 07 for Wii.
  • MLB 07 The Show for PS2.
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card.
  • $500 Best Buy Gift Card (to be split between me, Marci and Haley).
I don't think I've ever just gotten video games and gift cards. I'll be hooking up with my bros. soon and maybe they'll break the streak.

I also got to talk to some old friends. That was a treat. One friend I've known for, wow, 21 years now, if you count to our freshman year in high school. She's in the big city of NYC chasing her dream and it was so so so great to hear from her. If I'm lucky, she'll be following my hijinks on this blog. :)

The family and I went out and had sushi tonight. Tasty. Marci and the kids baked a brownie cake for me and the kids especially had a grand ol' time presenting it to me after dinner. For all the bitching I've done about Riley lately, I am so lucky to have him and Haley as my young'uns. At least that's what I say now; it's only 10:30 and he hasn't done his nightly curtain call yet.

Cool thing that happened tonight that wasn't expected? We took the Jetta to Brown Bear for a car wash. As a joke, I asked for the birthday discount and showed the dude my license. He wished me a happy birthday and gave me the big daddy wash for free! How cool is that? So, if you need a car washed, go to Brown Bear in Factoria and if Alex is the kid helping you, tell him you read about him here.

Life is good, boys and girls. Life is good!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pedals and the Quest for Ultimate Tone

I've played bass for many years. 22? Something crazy like that. And, I'm sad to say, I've never been a master of my own tone. I've seen plenty of players that have killer tone and would love to be one of those dudes. Trouble is, I haven't found my sound yet.

Guys with great tone? Tim C from Rage/Audioslave/Rage is always near the top of the list. His J and his modded pedals, cabs and pickups make for tasty sounds. Chris Wolstenholme also has a really modern sound, though it's his overdrive and distortion that I really like. It can sound rough live at times (too thin), but on the CDs, when Matt goes off and it's just bass and drums underneath, that distortion is killer. A growly P always sounds good, too, though, when I had one, I couldn't figure out how to make it sound good. *shrug*

For years, I've dinked around with different pedals and basses. I've revamped my bass cabinets by downsizing, but I've never changed my amp. In fact, I've had my good ol' Trace-Elliot amp for 10+ years now? Bought it at a pawn shop with a 4x10 cab (which I've since traded away).

Anyway, my current setup until tonight was as follows:
  • Ibanez ATK300/Fender Geddy Lee Jazz/Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling into...
  • a Boss TU-2 tuner into...
  • a DOD Bass Compressor FX82 into...
  • a Fulltone Bass-Drive into...
  • a SansAmp Bass Driver DI into...
  • a Trace-Elliot GP-12 amp into...
  • an Avatar 2x10 and Ashdown 1x15
Until last year, my main bass was the Musicman. I traded my T-E cab and a Spector bass I had, plus cash, for the GL Jazz, which became my main bass. Then, last fall, I got a wild hair to track down an ATK300, which is now my #1. Both the GL and the ATK are tuned down a half step to Eb, which makes the singing a bit easier on my bandmates. The Musicman is standard tuned, which makes it my #1 bass for Jesus!

So, tonight, I decided to revamp my pedal board as I was experiencing some distortion in my tuner. I reread the instructions for the SansAmp and realized that one knob on it should always be maxed. Interesting. Also, the docs mentioned having the SABDDI first in the chain, before any other effects. I moved things around and now my board goes like this:
  • SABBDI into...
  • TU-2 tuner into...
  • Bass Compressor into...
  • Bass-Drive
I played with that with all 3 basses and had some pretty tasty results. Now, keep in mind, I was playing through my good ol' Peavey Basic 40 amp that I've had since high school. But, it sounded pretty good. Hopefully I'll feel the same when I dial it up next Monday at Chris' house.

As far as gigs go, we have a bunch coming up at the end of April, beginning of May. First up will be Hell's Kitchen on 4/22. After that is (tentatively) a show at the Rendezvous on 4/29. We're gonna get our Latin on at a Cinco de Mayo show at the Skylark. Next up will be a return to Olympia at the good ol' 4th Ave Tavern. And, to round it out, we're back at the Sunset on 5/20 for another Sunday show. Actually, 3 of the 5 are Sunday shows. Dare I say that Sunday is the new Friday?

I'm having a good time setting shows up, but is it too much to ask for a Friday at the Croc? Something like that? Please???

Birthday in 2 days! Get your gifts now!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Practice tonight

What a mess. Ugh. For whatever reason, I wasn't on my game tonight. Missing notes here and there. Going to the wrong parts. The harder I tried not to screw up, the worse I got. Plus, my fingers are throbbing now. I changed my strings the other day on the Ibanez and they fried my fingers.

I tried to bumrush my way into a Croc gig on 4/20, but, alas, it wasn't to be. There were 2 bands, plus "Guests". So I emailed Pete at the Croc to try to be the "Guests" to open the show. It's too bad I didn't see it until yesterday as he'd filled the gig with a band with much more cred than us. :(

Anger, frustration and pure misery

Ok. Sort of. Since Riley's surgery, he's really regressed a lot. He's done ok with pain and eating, but his attitude and demeanor towards dear ol' Dad leaves a bit to be desired.

He's always been a momma's boy, but this week? Sheesh. Let me give an example. He'll wake up 3-4 times a night now. Why? Maybe because of pain, who knows? But he comes to our door, opens it and, though I may be right there waiting for him, starts yelling, "Mommy!" over and over again. Now I just leave him alone as trying to help him just makes him more unhappy. The thing is by doing it that way, Marci doesn't get a chance to unwind/destress/sleep at all. She ends up sleeping in his bed for much of the night.

For now, we're giving him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he's only 2.5 years old and did have his tonsils and adenoids removed not even a week ago. But, after another week or so, if he's still like this? Well, heads will roll. I've lost my temper twice in two days now as Riley simply will not give me the time of day. He will grunt and point, instead of talking. He will ignore me and say, "Mommy" over and over again, even if I'm able to do what he needs done. It's incredibly frustrating and aggravating to have to deal with this, but that's what's going on now.

Though, today, at lunch, after I blew my lid at Rye, he and Marci talked and he came around a bit and let me read him a story before naptime. We'll see how he is later today. I get a bit of a break tonight as I have band, but in the middle of the night, we'll see what happens.

New pictures

Fun, dorky, exciting, moving pictures here. Go take a look and enjoy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Surgery update

Well, everything went fine. Riley is back sans adenoids and tonsils. He's on a popsicle and Jell-o diet. And he's snoring like his old man. That'll change in a few weeks, we're told.

He's got a bit of a fever, but that's due to the surgery and will go away soon. He's on codeine based Tylenol and is a bit loopy. It's pretty funny.

Worst part of the day? Leaving Children's Hospital at 4:00pm. Took 1.5 hours to get home. Ugh.

Off to watch Friday Night Lights! You should be too!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Surgery tomorrow

So tomorrow's the big day for Riley. Marci takes him in for an 8:15am appointment to get his adenoids and tonsils removed. All indications are that it should be fine, but having to get the poor boy operated on is a little disconcerting. If the results are as the doctors say (no more drooling, able to swallow, etc), it'll be worth it.

Since he was a wee pup, he's had trouble with drool and swallowing. We always thought it was just because he was a baby and, therefore, drooled. But, now, at 2 1/2 years, he should be through with drooling. He's always gurgly in the throat as well. At night, he chokes and gags on his saliva, which wakes him and us much of the time. Not only that, he has some issues with swallowing food (see last week's posts about puking) which makes dining an exciting experience at times.

Hopefully the drool/swallowing thing is corrected. Hopefully he snores less and sleeps better. Hopefully he's able to eat more comfortably. He'll be miserable for a few days and then, poof! All better.

Check back later for updates.
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One more thing to add to the list

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Obligatory Birthday List Post

Ah. Here it is. My 05 birthday list post. Don't know if I did one in 06. Lemme check. Hang on pls... Ok. Im back. No 06 post.

So this year, what do I want? Here goes, once again, in no particular order.
  1. Component cables for the Wii.
  2. HDTV, of the 40" or greater variety. I hear Costco has a bitchin' return policy.
  3. While we're on the subject of massive geekery, I've always been a sucker for video baseball games. (MLB The Show 07 for PS2, if you're lazy)
  4. the remastered Boston CDs (Boston and Don't Look Back).
  5. Rush tickets.
  6. Some spring/summer shirts that are cool and not dorky.
  7. Limited edition Rush Snakes & Arrows CD/DVD.
  8. Infinity FX45. Since cars are cool, why not? Plus, the GTi is getting a bit too cozy for the family. BTW, make mine Diamond Graphite plz. KTHXBYE.
Off topic: holy shit. Myspace is going crazy. I've had about 10 emails in the past hour of new friends and seXXXy messages! Go me!

Back on topic. Not really. That's it for now. Surely I can think of more and surely I will need more as I'm sure you all will be sending me those gifts and more.

Neighborhood drama

We live in a cul-de-sac and it's a nice neighborhood. Definitely middle class, but everyone does ok. Yards are nice, people are nice, and there's never any commotion. But, there is one guy that is a bit weird.

First of all, he lives in a house that would be nice if he kept it up. The thing is, it's a mess. Overgrown yard. Rusted truck in the driveway. Newspapered windows. You'd think it was abandoned, but then you see him walking to and from the house (I never have; in fact, I didn't know who he was until Marci said she'd seen him walking around).

Anyway, about 3-4 years ago, on the 4th of July, his house caught fire. Apparently he got out with barely any clothes on and was interviewed or something in a neighbor's borrowed bathrobe. Well, tonight, his house caught fire again. According to Marci, there were 7 firetrucks, as well as police cars. The scoop from the neighbors was that the guy came out of his house after it was already on fire. He asked to borrow a phone and was let in by his neighbor. Apparently he wouldn't leave the house without getting some matches first (WTF? Your house is already on fire, dude).

On the news tonight and they had a live report. They didn't say anything about what Marci said, but they did say he had an outstanding arrest warrant, so they booked him, Danno.

Our nice neighbor, Dick Lowe (great name), got on TV and gave a smashing interview. He's a nice dude.


I wanted to write a birthday list post so I went back a couple years to April 05. The post at the top reads,
Good lord, I don't know if I can continue the Robin saga. I should let the poor girl rest in peace. Not that she's dead or anything; I have no clue where she is now. But the next few entries are all about how a boy feels about a girl.
So, it's quite funny to me now that not only do I know where Robin is, I see her every once in a while.

It turns out that she and her kid(s?) go to the same Y that Haley and Riley go to (and Marci works at and I used to work at)! Apparently this Y is the Center of All Things Chang. I pointed her out to Marci and she thought it was quite funny.

I think it's quite terrifying. The two loves of my life, in the same place at the same time. In the group of people I run with, there's a saying,
Two men enter; one man leaves.
I wonder if that could apply here.

Big day, big week coming up

To do tomorrow:

1. Take the kids to school.
1a. Marci take the tax info to the accountant.
2. Begin software switchover at work. *gulp*

To do Wednesday:

1. Continue software implementation.
2. Marci to take Riley to Children's hospital in Seattle to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. *GULP*

I'm in the process of trying to take over my family's business. We (meaning Dad) have had it since '81 and I'm at a point where I'm actually interested in being more than an employee. Plus, the fact that Dad would rather be at Muckleshoot than work helps too.

Anyway, we've been using the same software for YEARS and, not surprisingly, have been using the same hardware to run that software for YEARS. One of those days, that hardware will die. I won't be able to get parts. Or anyone to help with fixing it. Or anything positive. We'd be dead and out of jobs (or, as a super smart employee said last week, we could go back to pen and paper).


So, when the hardware went TU, we'd be dead. Enter the new software. We signed on in January and have spent the past few months building machines, getting software installed and getting trained. This weekend I spent about 15 hours away from the family working on inventory, updating, transferring, etc, etc, etc. Are we ready?

NO WAY. Me and Ed (a new employee) spent all weekend doing the dirty work. He counted inventory while I entered it in the new system. It went as smoothly as it could have, but there are still lots of entries to be entered. The good news is that 90% of the inventory should be in the system now and the rest can be added on an "as it comes up" basis. The bad news is that one employee (our Lone Ranger) didn't lift a finger to enter any of his data. My guess is he's going to project and point the finger at everyone else, or say that he didn't do it because it wasn't that big a deal. That he could enter his info as it came up (see above). Well, he can, but it'll look pretty dumb to customers as he's fumbling away with his info and they're waiting.....

We'll see how that goes.

In other news, Rush tickets went on sale Saturday. I haven't gotten any. Will I go this year? Not sure. I saw them in '03 (?) and had a blast. Thing is, I went for free and got VIP seating from a friend. This time, I'd have to pay and sit with everyone else. Plus, unless they dust off a bunch of obscure, rarely played songs (Circumstances, anyone?), it'll probably be very similar to the last two "An Evening with Rush" shows. Maybe I'll wait to hear how the opening shows of the tour go.

Opening Day is tomorrow. Haven't been following any Mariners stuff this year. My prediction? 74-88 (that equals 162, right?).

Got an email from Sean today. Looks like he wants to go in the studio in May. Time to start practicing.

Oh. Happy April Fool's Day.