Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield, or Puke Fest 2008!

I should have known better. Embarassed

With a history of nausea at watching home videos, and, more recently, playing Super Mario Galaxy, I went into Cloverfield with a false sense of security. I thought the movie itself would distract me from feeling sick.

I. Was. Wrong.

I heard a woman behind me say she was glad she took Dramamine before the show. Had I known just how jittery the movie would be, I would've taken a whole package of 'em.

So, aside from the fact that I missed about 10 minutes of the movie because I was puking in the bathroom, and aside from the fact that the rest of the time I was viewing the movie either through my fingers or with eyes closed, what I did see I enjoyed quite a bit.

I thought the first 10 minutes were entertaining, but a little boring at the same time. Add in that that's when the nausea began and you have the ingredients for a fabulous evening.

Heck, when the *hit started hitting the fan after the first 10 minutes, I was already reduced to peeking through my fingers or looking away from the screen. Ugh.

I thought the SFX were excellent. The audio was incredible and SUPER LOUD. The acting was adequate for this type of movie (I was expecting Lost-style acting, IE: annoying).

I would've liked to see more action in daylight, but alas, tis not the case. Also, you are left hanging quite a bit so looking into back story on the web will help flesh things out. I hear there's a lot of stuff out there Wink.

Go see this!