Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saturday May 10 @ the Rendezvous

It's the CD release party for the Young Sportsmen. They've been kind enough to ask the Lund Bros. to play and we are quite honored to be doing so. This will be fun, so come on out.

Thursday May 15 @ the Sunset

Come see us! We'll love you for it. Thanks to Byron Grant for the super cool poster!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Too much good stuff

For my birthday, I got $200. In a stunning development, I still have $200. In other words, I have not spent it. I've been perusing the Talkbass Basses for Sale boards, the ebay G&L basses for auction listings, the Craigslist Musical instruments listings, all to no avail. The one that I did like I skipped due to no fundage. I've also been trying to sell a bass, also to no avail.

I also got a $100 gift card to the as a rebate for buying some TVs for a client at work last year. I'm trying to sell that, but to no avail. Maybe I need to wait til football season starts?

In addition to all that, I have $150 in Best Buy Reward Zone $$ to use.

By my count, that's $200 in cash, and potentially $550 in unreal money ($300 for the bass, and the other 2 amounts).

What's all this mean?

Nothing, I suppose. A rational adult would put the $200 away and utilize the other stuff for necessities. But, who ever said I was rational?

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day in the geek world. It's Tuesday, which means new records, movies and games are released. Heck, when it's at the top of the front page of the PI, I suppose it's news.

It's Grand Theft Auto IV, and though I'm not a fanboy, I think I will pick it up tomorrow at BB. I've been deeply immersed in another game, though, and I really need to finish that first (Bioshock. AWESOME).

I may pick up a mp3 player too. The one I have is decent, but I may relegate it to the kids or to travel status. We shall see how that goes.

Looking forward, it's Lund Bros. night! Can't wait for that. I may be going into the studio this Friday to do a song with Sean. Mid-week, it's the Scheme, and then in 2 weeks, it's shows with the Sportsmen!

Good times, my friends, good times.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cats are awesome.

Except mine.

not my cat.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me and Ikea

Today we went to Ikea. Oh, Ikea. How I loathe/love thee.

I really hate going there. From the drive (which is usually the best part), to the parking (hate the maze of parking lots), to the walk to the store (they need a shuttle), to the maze of the store itself (we usually end up walking in circles), to the HORDES OF UNWASHED MASSES (don't get me started), I hate it all.

But then, you see the sleek, stylish, yet diabolically affordable furniture, and my hate changes to less hate. Not quite love, you see, because, then I must have the furniture and I hate myself for wanting it.

Today we went to get Haley's free birthday gift from Ikea. A backpack. And, not only that, another reason to hate Ikea. They play to the kids. Like Safeway putting the sugared cereal at a 5 year old's eye level, Ikea sends out birthday greetings to kids promising a free gift, but ONLY IF YOU GO TO THE STORE. Diabolical.

Our trip was to get in, get the backpack, have a quick lunch at their affordable, surprisingly yummy, yet Disneyland crowded cafeteria, then head back home. Of course, we got roped into dropping the kids off at the Smalland (free childcare), which gave us an hour to stroll and shop and get roped into the Ikea trap! We ended up getting some sheets, some organization boxes, and surely some other stuff we thought we needed.

Of course, the sheets we got don't match.

Damn you, Ikea!!

/shakes fist

Update time, driveways, birthdays, and the sweet, sweet sounds of Rock Band

6 years ago tonight, I was playing a gig (or preparing to) with Ethyl at the venerable Central in Pioneer Square. It was our CD release party and we had a bunch of people there. As it turns out, Marci's water decided to break just before we took the stage and about 12 hours later, Haley was born. So we have that going on tomorrow. Happy birthday Haley!!

In other news, I spent about 3 hours powerwashing our driveway and steps today. We have a steep driveway and it's pretty much covered in moss. Our neighbors have this big ass pine tree that, for some reason, angles right over our driveway. Which means at any given time, our driveway is covered in pine needles. Which get tracked in the garage. Which get tracked in the house.

You catch my drift.

All the other neighbors have spotless driveways. One neighbor has nothing but his two cars in his garage. I swear his floor in his garage is cleaner than our dishes after they are washed. It's maddening.

Anyway, I borrowed my brother's pressure washer to do the driveway. I get started and the middle of the spray gun springs a leak. Which means there's much less pressure. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a pressure washer, no?

Turns out, a washer was cracked and, after much cursing, finagling and rearranging, I was able to replace and get going at full strength. Which I needed to tackle our dirty ass driveway. Exciting huh?

A few nights ago, my brother and s-i-l came over for some good ol' Rock Band. Though I have known about this game, I didn't buy it, but did get it for my birthday. My brother, who doesn't have an Xbox 360 or PS3, but has about 1,000,000 friends who all have Rock Band, has been playing it approximately every weekend for months now, many times until 4 a.m. (4 AM!)

He's been on me to get it and, thanks to turning 36, I now have it. I've played it a bit since receiving it, but hadn't played in a 4 player setting until Knight and Shannon came over. Marci even got in the game with some bass playing on Easy. I played some guitar and singing as well.

Who knew glorified Karaoke could be so damn fun? I thought I'd be a little self-conscious with the singing and all, but then I realized that everyone is so busy concentrating on their own instruments that they hardly know what everyone else is doing. It made for a fun evening, that's fo sho.

And, what the hell is up with the weather? 80 degrees last Saturday; snow, hail and coldness this weekend. Not so fun.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Belated birthday post

Some cool things happened this weekend. I turned 36, which, to me, is almost 40. And after 40 comes 50. So I guess that means I'm getting old?

I got a few thing for turning 36. I got ROCK BAND. Finally! I got the MUSE dvd/cd pack called HAARP. I got some CASH MONEY. I got some GIFT CERTIFICATES. I will be getting a SWING ARM FOR A LCD FOR MY DESK (my bro works in office furniture).

All in all, not bad.

Oh yeah. My birthday also included an 80 frickin' degree day! Can you believe that? So hot that I was complaining at about 3. So hot that I slept with the bedroom window open. So hot that I was sweaty all night.

Oh yeah. To start the day, after getting gifts from Marci and the kids, I was downstairs hooking up all the goodness that is Rock Band and I heard Marci call for me. Usually when she calls for me, it means she needs me to open a jar or she's hurt herself. I figured it was the latter and headed up. Turns out, she was slicing some bread for French toast and her finger got in the way. It bled like a stuck pig.

Valiantly, I sent her across the street to the old couple who are a retired dentist and nurse. I bravely stayed behind and fed the kids. A little while later, Marci was patched up and not bleeding freely anymore. We headed to the urgent care center in Issaquah later and she got two stitches and a needle of meds DIRECTLY INTO HER CUT. OH GOD, IT HURTS!

For dinner, we met Knight and Shannon and Ruth's Chris and ate ourselves silly on meat and more meat. IT WAS SO GOOD. Yum.

This week should be fun. Lund Bros. tomorrow. Scheme on Wednesday. I love music.

I solicited myspace for someone to help us with Rock posters. A friend of LB responded (who I completely spaced on asking in the first place; I even use his card as a bookmark!) and over the past few days, he's come up with some cool ass stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for some LB rock posters in the next few days.

In the meantime, I'm trying to sell my Ibanez ATK300 bass. I've had it about 1.5 years and it's time to move it on out. I'm thinking of getting another SB-2 (a nice one just showed up on ebay) or possibly chipping my car and making it a little speedier. For $300, the bass is yours. Send me a note.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shows are booked!

I've been spending a lot of time on email recently, trying to get good shows booked for the Lund Bros. So far, I have booked one, but it's a goody.

First up is a show I didn't book, but we were asked to play. It's May 10th at the Rendezvous for the Young Sportsmen's CD release party. They are playing and having us, and many other bands play. I'm pretty sure they include the Small Change, the Riffbrokers, the I Love Myselfs and some others. We'll only play 4 songs, but it should be a big ol' love in and a blast to do.

The show I did book is also with the Sportsmen and Thee Sgt. Major III. I asked TSM to play with us and as luck would have it, they had a show booked at the Sunset for 5/15 and needed some other bands. After some friendly emails, we were also booked on that bill. It's a Thursday, but from what I hear, Thursdays are the new Fridays.

I may try some other places, but, DAMN. Where is there to play in Seattle anymore? Let's make a list. Here I go, off the top of my head, in no particular order (* indicates I've played there before).
  • the Sunset*
  • the Rendezvous*
  • the Skylark*
  • Chop Suey*
  • Neumo's
  • Jules Mae
  • the High Dive*
  • Mars Bar*
  • the Central*
  • the Shanty
I'm sure there are more, but those are what come to mind. What venues am I missing? Help me out. Now that the Croc is closed, the number of AAA clubs is down one. The Capitol Hill clubs (Neumo's and Chop Suey) are hard to do as they seem to cater more to a DJ crowd (or SUPER-indie rock crowd).

Anyway, the quest continues.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's a good time for music!

New Muse yesterday (crossing fingers for it for my birthday) even though it's live old music.

New Rush sometime soon. It's a live CD based on their latest tour.

New Juliana in June (06/10). Listen to her new track here: Shining On
I just listened to it. Very cool. Mature and good use of keys.

New Aimee in June (06/03). Listen to her new track here: Freeway
I am listening to this for the second time. This is a fantastic song. It's very much in the vein of Lost in Space. Plus it has a cool guitar effect in it (2:30 mark. Think The Cars "Let's Go". You know the part). You'll know it when you hear it. Looks like she's coming to town 7/16 for ZooTunes at the Woodland Park Zoo. Maybe I'll go this year?

New Weezer sometime soon. It'll be titled, simply, Weezer, but this time it'll be red.

New Damone sometime soon. Apparently they're finished recording.

Pretty cool, huh?


I haven't even watched this but for the first 10 seconds. AWESOME.