Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last night at the High Dive

One of these nights, we will play up to our exacting standards.

Last night started promisingly. I finally sold my Ibanez bass. A guy met me before the show, played it for 30 seconds, and paid me for it. That was pretty cool.

Jim from the Tripwires was once again kind enough to let me use his SVT. This time, though, he brought his 4x10 cab, instead of the Big Boy 8x10. But, who am I to complain, right?

We got setup in a sparsely populated club. Upon further inspection, the killer posters that Byron made for us were nowhere to be seen. I had dropped 5 off last week and the bartender told me he'd get it taken care of. Apparently he meant he'd forget about them as they were not present. That was a bummer as Byron bent over backwards to hook us up, made us a beautiful poster, and got nothing to show for it. I got a ton of compliments on the poster and it was a shame they weren't there. :(

Anyway, Sean and I hightailed it to his car to check out the mixes we recorded last Friday. He had the recordings on his Ipod and they were pretty fabulous. As far as rough drafts go, I was pretty pleased. They'll only get better as we layer more guitars and vocals onto them.

When we finally got the show underway, there were a few more people in the club. Not as many as I expected on a Friday in Fremont, but certainly no less than we're used to. This time out, we started with Sean's song Feel. I made a decision to be pretty active on stage. I was inspired by Kurt Bloch in Sgt. Major the last time we were out. Here's a guy that's been around the block many many times and he just goes out and parties on stage. It's a lot of fun to watch and I figured I'd do my best to entertain as well.

The trouble with that, for me, at least, is that something inevitably suffers as a result. Last night, it was sloppy playing. In Feel, there's a few punches, then a big fat low E. Well, I hit a big fat low F#. I saved it, but it was pretty lame. Even the songs we busted out last week in studio were loosey goosey. It was weird. I thought those would be the tightest, but in some cases, they were quite sloppy.

That's how the whole night went for me. Lots of fun, lots of energy, lots of screw ups. Thankfully, the few people I talked to afterward were all pretty impressed with the positive sides to the performance. Heck, I even kicked out Chris' instrument cord (thankfully at the end of the set) and we got a good rise out of that.

After us was the Small Change. They had a killer set, as usual. It turned into quite the all-star jam at the end, with Scott 5 and Kurt joining them on stage. They did the Seeker, one other Who song, as well as Stay With Me by Rod Stewart. That song was perfect for them. It got the booties shakin' and the room a quakin'. Heck, I even had a drink for the first time in forever. The bad thing about that is I get lit after one drink. The good thing is that I get lit after one drink. I think I might have to do that again sometime.

The fabulous Tripwires followed the Change. These guys are simply pro. They played a bunch of songs that were super Beatles-esque. The trouble with that band is that their songs are so good (and my musical knowledge so limited) that everything sounds like it could be a cover by someone else. Of course, I just shake my ass and bob my head and act like I know what's going on.

So, all in all, it was a pretty cool night. If I could change 2 things, it would be that our posters were up and that we played a tighter set. I had a great time talking to people, meeting new people, and just having fun. We made a few bucks and hopefully entertained some people as well.

Next up: 8/1 Skylark Cafe with The Doll Test (yay!) and one band TBD.