Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's new?

Been spending lots of time in front of the computer at home. The past few days have been spent working on C&A taxes. I have finished them; now I just need to get the funds to pay them. Sweet!

I've been pounding pavement (ie: searching the internet/Craigslist/etc) for job listings. People ask me what I want to do. I have no clue. Selling computers isn't cutting it, that's fer sure. I've emailed and called customers and either they hate me or they are out of money or both. I don't really know. In the 2 or so weeks I've been "working", I've made 2 sales, which should pay for lunch sometime soon.

Our trip to FL was super duper. I've been posting my journal entries verbatim and, while they look good all handwritten, something gets lost in the translation to blog form. Don't know if I'll put any more up, but I may use the notes and springboard from there.

Not much else to note. I tried growing facial hair the past week but I shaved it all this morning. If I could only grow sideburns.

I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

10:10PM EST end of day 3

Today was kind of back to routine, I suppose. Well, at least we got the kids in bed by 9:30. Still up, though.

Another beautiful day here. We got up around 8 and were done w/breakfast by 10 or so. We headed for the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

Well, we got there and spent about an hour in Main Street, just inside the park. We got the kids lanyards and some pins to start pin collecting. It was fun to see the kids hook up with cast members. We tried to get Rye a haircut so Marci waited with him. Hay + I took off + found Pinocchio and got some pix and an autograph.

The magic button Rye gets to wear sure is cool. It will be tough to go back in the future.

We made our way over to Fantasy Land and did the Dumbo ride, had lunch, got our stroller lost (moved), and took some more rides. (Snow White + Pooh x2)

I think my favorite thing today was meeting the Princesses + Fairies in Mickey's Toon Town. The kids all got pix + autographs with the fine, fine ladies. Riley got some serious smooches and then they met the Fairies.

From there we headed to Tomorrow Land + got to meet Buzz Lightyear and do his shooting ride (not that exciting, IMO).

We also watched the Monster's Inc comedy show. That was cute but boy am I glad we have those passes.

And what day would be complete without a meltdown by Haley? Marci wanted a hat so we got her one. Then Haley couldn't decide what she wanted. Instead, she dragged her feet and then lost out. She is unable to make decisions and it cost her again. She basically freaked out until we got on the ferry to go to the parking lot.

Things got better when we got back, but it's now the horrible bed time routine again. Riley is singing now. Not sure about Hay, but I'm gonna read now.

Tomorrow's agenda: Animal Kingdom. Wish us luck.

Friday, April 24, 2009

9:30 EST Day 2

Horrible night sleeping for some reason. Maybe the bed was too bouncy. Anyway I'm up now with Riley & we're hanging out on our front porch enjoying the warmth and each other's company.

I am so happy to be here, for Rye's sake and our family's sake. Just to be AWAY from everything has been such a relief, even though we just got here.

Haley is still sleeping and at this rate, we may miss the big breakfast. Marci is at the orientation and should be back shortly.

In the meantime, I'm gonna hang out & enjoy Rye's company.


Waiting for lunch. Spent a fun morning hanging out at GKTW. Lots of fun stuff for us to do, all of it FREE!

Rye got a tasty strawberry shake. The kids got wish pillows. We got a free lunch. It's pretty cool!


Wow. That was fun! After lunch we headed to Universal and ended up going to Islands of Adventure. Not the most kid friendly, but it had Dr. Seuss-Land and we wanted to hit that up. We went on the One Fish 2 fish ride. That was fun. Me + Hay got all wet. It was hot and sunny today. Pretty crowded too. I took a ton of pix and had fun documenting.

The whole MAW/GKTW pass was awesome. We got to the front of the few rides we did. We also got to "meet" Spider-man and get an autograph. Later on, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine came by and we got to have special meet + greet with them due to the passes. Very cool. We did a few more rides and bought some souveniers. And it is so much fun to do it on someone else's dime. Everyone should get an opportunity to travel without worrying about money.

We headed back to the Villa for some dinner (not so yummy) and partying as it was Mayor Clayton's birthday @ GKTW. Dancing and tons of pictures ensued. Haley + I had Dippin Dots and then we all took a train ride.

All in all, it was a very fun day. Haley had a few moody moments - quite a few, actually, including now, at 10:00pm. Overtired and she simply can't control herself. Super annoying and it gets our goat every time.

4/17/09 Day One

  • Shuttle Xpress limo van
  • Make a Wish credit card
  • Wendy's lunch
  • Southwest boarding - weird
  • flight to KC, then ORL
  • Kindle on board, Moving Pictures on MP3.
  • Descending into KC.
  • Kids good on first leg.
  • Read a lot.
  • DVD player wasn't charged after all. Hope it doesn't matter on 2nd leg.
  • Plane is 3 seats/side. Marci sat w/kids & I sat on other side of aisle.
  • Nothing terribly interesting to report. Some turbulence. 74 degrees @ KC.

Back in the air. Tried a sudoku puzzle + failed miserably. Some nice folks let us borrow their DVD player. They're on the way to WDW too.

I guess we landed in Kansas City, MO, not KS.

2+ more hours of this fun. Hay + Rye watching Scooby Doo. I'm going to read and we'll be there in no time. Also, why do pilots always mumble when they speak on the P.A.?


Plane descending, Riley asleep. Haley a little grouchy but hanging in.

I caught Riley picking his nose... and EATING it. It's the second time I've seen it. ICK.

Dark outside, then it's off to eat, most likely at the airport.

Finished my book "AFRAID". Pretty action packed. Someone should make a movie out of it.

I am ready to be off this plane and on with our trip. Kids are gonna be a mess, I think.

Oh well, all's well that end's well. No drama. But I am full of gas and the seats are not cloth. So I'm being polite and abstaining. But it's uncomfortable.

1am EST

We are at the villa, #284. It's pretty cool. We have a king size bed. The kids have twins in their own room, plus a giant bathroom complete with "hot pool".

They stocked the fridge with Boston Market as they knew we were getting in late. Yum.

They rented us a Toyota Camry and it's noisy.

Toll roads everywhere. It's kind of lame. It's warm + muggy and the kids may still be up right now.

Not sure what the plan is tomorrow but it should be fun!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guilt trip

Our big trip is on Friday and it couldn't come at a better/worse time. It's coming at a good time because of all the drama that we've endured the past 6 months or so. I won't rehash it here as if you've been following along, you know what's going on. It's bad because right now, Daddy is not making any $$ and is, for all intents and purposes, unemployed (not getting a paycheck means unemployed, right?).

Trouble is, the state still sees me as an officer of my corporation. On paper, I am. But the business is dead and I have to jump through a bunch of hoops (and pay taxes) to get out from under it. Until then, I can't collect unemployment.

I have sent out resumes and haven't heard anything back yet. I'm tempted to go pull shots at Tully's or something because even at $9.00/hour (or whatever they pay), it's more than what I'm making now.

So, while we're vacationing in sunny, muggy Florida, I'll be missing out on prime job hunting time, as well as business wind down time.

It's a conundrum, no? I just gotta get in the vacation mindset, I suppose. Once we're off the ground, I should feel better. After all, this is 6 days where Marci and I can just spoil the kids and not worry about anything else.

I can't wait, but part of me is feeling guilty for leaving this mess behind...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I turned 37 today. What did you do?

I think I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis. Is there such a thing?

I had a gig on Friday. I talked to some friends in other bands. I felt like such a crybaby telling them about what's been going on. They ask how I'm doing, I say ok. I tell them about our MAW trip coming up and why we're going. Which leads to talking about Riley's surgery. Which leads to discussing our past 6-7 months.

If I'm sick of talking about it, I'm sure you're tired of reading about it.

Anyway, I figured, they asked, I'd fill them in a little. I just don't want to come across like I'm throwing a pity party. I'm not. But, it is my/our life and that's what's going on.

So, for me, the last 7 months or so of being 36 were pretty crummy. So far, the first day of being 37 has been pretty rad. Except for the rain.

Things I've done since I turned 37:
  • played bass in church. Normally not too exciting, but today it was pretty cool. Good song choices.
  • watched Marci get dunked in a pool. Normally quite exciting, but today it was pretty awesome. It was Easter, after all.
  • dyed Easter eggs with Riley. It was his first time. Pretty fun. Haley had the dropsies. She'd be lucky if she had one uncracked egg.
  • took Riley to the doctor. As luck would have it, he has Fifths disease. It's weird. Don't ask. Nothing serious.
  • lectured Haley about eating candy. She's turning into quite the candyholic. I think she needs help.
  • had a birthday party with some friends and their family. It was quite nice of them to invite us over as all my family are either passed away or out of the country. Quite literally, my entire family is not in North America. Well, except Dad, but he's in an urn. LOL.
  • ate a steak. It was tasty. The house is still smoky.
  • did excise taxes for C&A. That was lame.
  • got my hair done. Haley likes to play hair salon with my unruly hair. Sadly (for her), I'm getting it cut tomorrow. Manageable hair, here I come!
  • opened birthday presents. I got a man purse (messenger bag), a photography book, some money, and a cool shirt from the McCaskills for helping name their baby. ;0
All in all, not a bad day. It was a nice reprieve from the job hunt/business closing. Unfortunately, I can't avoid that crap much longer. I'm going to have to hit it this week before our trip and then when I get back. I think there is an end in sight, but I'm gonna have to work at it to make it happen.

In the meantime, here's a picture of one of my new friends.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Last night at the New Frontier Lounge!

It was an epic 3 way battle for Tacoma's affections. In one corner, it was us, the Lund Bros. In the other corner, rock heavyweights Guns and Rossetti. And in yet another corner, it was relative newcomers, the I Love Myselfs (though their collective experience probably outweighed everyones!). We all descended upon the NFL for some serious rock and shenanigans.

First up was GNR. I spoke with ex-guitarist, current bassist, Marsh Gooch, at length about his new position in the band. Apparently the ex-bassist left/moved and kind of left GNR in the lurch. Marsh took it upon himself to get a bass (offered a trade for my SB-2, black. Too bad I don't play guitar!), a rig and learn the songs. He ended up getting an Ibanez P (Destroyer?) and a sweet little (re:big) rig.

The guys took the stage and did not disappoint. Marsh's bass was aptly named as his tone did destroy. The music flowed fast and free, kind of nasty, a little naughty, definitely rocking and fists were pumping. Strangely, the boys in GNR wore matching sweater vests. It was sort of cute.

I brought my fancy new camera and took a ton of pix, almost 300, but sadly, most of them were crap. I'm learning how to use it, but what I learned last night was that this camera may suck for low light shooting. Of the 50+ pix I took of GNR, maybe 10 were worth keeping. But I digress.

Dick and co. put on a great set, though the sound was a bit weird throughout. Vocals were down and it just seemed off to my ears. Oh well, as, weird sound or not, we were up next.

After some technical difficulties (bad monitor output), we were off and running. We started off with Enjoy the Fire, from the Loser record. It's a fun little tune to start with and I felt really good about things, until I exhaled through my nose and felt a snot bubble (a little TMI here). I was able to sniff it up during the song, but it was there and it was bugging me. There was no Kleenex to be found anywhere, so I had to tough it out. Luckily, our second song was I Don't Believe in You and I don't play for the first 16 bars or so. I was able to disengage my bass, set it down, poke my head out the side load-in door, do a farmer's blow, get back on stage and continue, all without missing a note. Go me!

We continued on and I think our 4-5 consecutive weeks of rehearsal paid off. Things felt really cohesive and tight. Though there was a little hiccup in the middle of Accident, we were strong. At least I felt that way until our new cover, Flavor of the Month, by the Posies. We'd had two practices with that song. I'd worked on singing the vocals all week (backing in the verses), even busted out the keyboard to figure out the notes. Came up with a little device to remember the melody (think "Oh when the Saints" from When the Saints Come Marching In). Plus, the note I sing is the same note I play on bass. Did any of that help?


It was a train wreck vocally for me. Instrumentally a little as well, but, in the end, it was fine. It'll come together quick enough.

Oh yeah, we debuted Sean's new song, It's Okay, and that was great. No screw ups there and the people seemed to dig it. I was also able to make it through my arch-nemesis, Chris' Find the Sun, with hardly a problem. Good for me, I suppose.

Up last was the I Love Myselfs. I think they played their first show with us. Back then, it was Oly (Twink [among others]) on guitar, Heather (Riffbrokers) on bass and Jason (Small Change) on drums. I think it was the Skylark and it was pretty loose. Fast forward to last night (we'd played with them since the first time) and add Ryan (Sportsmen) on guitar and some rehearsals and you have a whole new band.

These guys were great. I think I've written about Oly before. He's big and tall and has this cool spastic stage presence. His songs are quick and to the point and just plain cool. Neal at the NFL finally dialed in the vocals (I think he did in our set too, so I hear) and it was great to hear everyone backing Oly. I've seen Ryan sing many times, but I think last night was the first time I'd heard him sing.

They did Great White Buffalo!!

All in all, it was a super night. People seemed to have a good time. I know I had fun watching and listening. And we get to do it all again next Friday at the Skylark. It'll be us, the ILMs and Throwback Suburbia from PDX. Should be a super time. Plus it's my birthday on the 12th. Buy me a drink!