Thursday, October 29, 2009

All's quiet on the Eastside front

Had my interview on Tuesday. I think it went pretty well. At least I didn't stick my foot in my mouth.

I did feel like I rambled a bit, though. Rambling in order to think up a decent answer beats awkward silence, I suppose. I know I answered one question quite well and the Director appeared impressed. Or he's a great actor. And by "great", I mean he can fool an idiot like me.

In other news, does anyone have the key to deciphering a 7.5 year old girl's emotions? A taste:
Haley: Let's play this game.
Riley: You always choose the game.
Haley: I'M THE BADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!! (storms off to her room)
 or this:
Haley: playing on piano
Riley: touches a few keys on piano
Me: Rye, stop bugging Haley!
Haley: FINE. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYWAY!!! (storms off to her room)
 Marci and I are at a loss. It's gotten so we can't even talk to her without worrying about her blowing her lid. I'll save any other chat for her blog.

Lund Bros. are playing a short little gig on 11/7 at the Skylark. We'll be doing 2 Riffbroker songs (it's their 10th birthday) and possibly one of our songs to wish them a happy birthday. It's short, but it'll be our first time out since 7/11 (ooooh, that's cool!!), and we're looking forward to it. Hopefully we can get some more shows lined up soon.

We are babysitting our friend's boxer, Lulu, for the weekend. They watched Bella the one weekend in July when it was 100+ degrees, so we're returning the favor. Lulu is a few inches taller than Bella, but besides that, they could be twins. Except that Lulu is full boxer and Bella is 1/2 (we think). I'll take some pictures this weekend and share them. It should be a kick.

Oh! Been watching this new show on ABC called Modern Family. Do yourself a favor and watch it. It's on Wednesdays at 9:00pm and it is a freakin' laff riot. I am in love with this show and you should be too. Similar to The Office, it follows 3 families through their days and revels in their awkwardness. Awesome.

In more other news, Friday Night Lights started season 4 on DirecTV last night and darn it if I don't regret getting Dish instead of DTV because of that. Do yourself another favor and check out FNL if you haven't already. In my opinion, the best show on TV.

Happy Halloween and all that stuff. Watch out for sugar high kids as you drive around on Saturday.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting closer

I finally got a response from the SPD today regarding my application for working as a PEO (Parking Enforcement Officer). For the next step, at least.

I have made it to a second interview! Sweet! I will meet with 3 VIPs of the Parking Enforcement department and interview with them next week! After that, who knows? I'm just happy to still be in the game! More as it happens...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Music is fun

Had a Lund Bros. rehearsal tonight! First time I've seen Chris & Sean since our last show on 7/11 at the Sunset! It's been a very long time. Ironically, though we did get together, we ended up rehearsing 2 songs by our friends, the Riffbrokers, for a show we'll be doing in their honor with a bunch of other friends. That show is 11/7 at the Skylark and I'll let you know more as it gets closer.

As we finished up and were about to leave, Chris played for me one of the songs we recorded way back in 6/08. As funds are always tight, we've been slowly piecing together songs for another CD. I haven't heard anything but the rough mixes of me and Sean's rhythm tracks, plus a few scratch guitar and vocal tracks threw in.

Anyway, Chris played a rocker for me called "Are You Ready?" We've played this live before and I have some live rehearsal recordings, as well as the rhythm tracks. This time, though, it was done, save for the mixing. The guitars, vocals and pretty much everything else was ready to go. He hit play and...

It. Was. Awesome.

I bobbed my head and grinned along to the song, loving what I was hearing, and also bumming that I hadn't heard it yet and probably wouldn't again unless I begged for it, or waited until we decide to release it. It's cool to hear a finished product, but I'm a little chagrined as I'm in the band, yet I don't get a chance to hear anything else. Luckily I'm a laid back kind of dude, right?

Anyway, it was great to see the guys and play again. We'll hopefully start firing that up again and getting some gigs. Lordy knows we need to get some.

Gigs, that is.

Next up: Scheme rehearsal on Wednesday. Sweet!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Test

I woke up today feeling pretty crummy. A few Tylenol later, the congestion had abated and things were as good as they were going to be. I headed for West Seattle a little after 9 and it was a beautiful day.

Once at the West Seattle Stadium, ran into one of the guys who interviewed me for the PEO position a few weeks ago. He greeted me by name and I thought, "Cool. He remembers me." Then I realized that he was expecting me and, after seeing the other folks arrive (all white, 4 guys, one girl), well, by process of elimination, he knew who I was. Or, as I like to think of it, I made a heck of an impression on my interview and, therefore was, unforgettable.

Anyway, after some waiting, we got started. The testers (all PEOs as well) lined us up at the track and had us do jumping jacks, minus the jumping. In other words, we were waving our arms in the air, waving them like we just didn't care. Or to 40 waves, whichever came first. Easy enough.

After the jumping jacks minus the jumping (does that make them simply "jacks"?), it was onto the track walk. We had 8.5 minutes to make two laps around the track. Half a mile in 8.5 minutes. Walk, run, crawl, skip, they didn't care. We just had to be under 8.5 minutes.

And, they're off!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am ill

About one time a year, I get sick. Thanks to my superior genes and flawless physical make-up, this is true. Usually, when I get sick, it's over in a day or two and I'm back to normal.

This time, not so much.

It started with those killer headaches from a few weeks ago. They're still happening from time to time, but at least I know what to expect. Doesn't make it any more fun though.

The past few days, it's been congestion and coughing. Though my sinuses don't hurt, I think I'm long overdue for a sinus infection. Perfect timing, as I have my agility test tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't affect anything.

Sunday is the day

It's agility test time! That's right. At 1000 hours (or, 10:00am), I get to head into West Seattle for my Parking Enforcement Officer's Agility Test (caps mine). I'm told to dress accordingly and that I can bring water if I so desire.

I will be tested on the following:
  • Jumping jacks
  • Track walking
  • Moving cones
  • Stadium climbing
Now, I'm no athlete or anything, and, at the risk of sounding cocky, I'm pretty sure I can pass this test.

Unless, it's some sort of reverse physical psychology or something? Because if all the applicants take this test, maybe it'll weed out a few of them, but surely at this point, they're wanting to trim the numbers? So, with my RPP logic, maybe they're trying to fool me into thinking it'll be way easy, when in fact they'll have me do, say, 2000 jumping jacks, 20 laps (5 miles) around the track, move cones into intriguing and interesting positions, and climb the stadium stairs 10 times in less than 5 minutes. Could it be?

At any rate, by this time tomorrow, I'll be done and hopefully feeling pretty good about my progress. Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Update before bedtime (for the kidz, that iz)

Still unemployed, but that situation is looking better. Nothing is guaranteed, other than that I made it through the interview process for the City of Seattle Parking Enforcement Officer job. Next up is the physical agility test, which, I was told, consists of walking and the like. The training officer at the first test basically said if you can walk, you will pass this test. So, if I make it past that, I think it's another interview with some VIP at the City.

I spent about 2 hours on the roof today blowing leaves, pine needles, and other junk off. Cleared out the gutters, too. And now it's pouring. So I fully expect the gutters to be filled by tomorrow morning.

The whole Dish Network thing is working out ok. We have the DVR upstairs and that's cool. For downstairs, I have the receiver and Tivo hooked up and though it's kind of a bear to record a show (set receiver to channel, set Tivo to hopefully [but not mandatory] same channel, hit record), it's working. And did I mention we're saving a few bucks? Cool!

No gigs to speak of, though I did bum rush my way onto a bill with the Unsmashable crew. It's the Riffbroker's 10th anniversary and we're (the Lunds) are going to cover a few of their songs. I got the ok from the bros, but haven't heard back from them yet.

I have Scheme practice tonight, but it'll be shorter as I can't get there until later. It'll be good to play, though.

I cleared out my side of the garage (thanks Mom's Empty Garage!) and now I can park the LILDRGN inside again. I realized that I didn't want to have a car outside all fall/winter, so that kind of got my rear in gear. I'm also trying to sell a lot of the computer stuff, but heck, I can't even give that stuff away...

I've been having these murderous headaches recently. Yesterday it was so bad, I went to the doctor. Of course, I felt fine when I went (Tylenol, anyone?) but it was good to get checked out, I suppose. I think they're migraines, but I don't know how they're caused. They happen behind my right eye, along my right temple, above my right ear, etc. The doc prescribed me a nasal spray steroid so we'll see how that works. It may be allergy related? I've been having a lousy past few months with stuffiness, itchiness, etc. Maybe I'm allergic to the dog...

Speaking of the dog, she's still cool. Kind of hyper at times, but I think we're pretty much used to it by now. She's probably gonna gain a few pounds now that weather is going to SUCK FOR 6 MONTHS as it'll be tougher for Marci and I to take her out. Even worse when/if I get a job. She'll (Bella, that is) just have to suck it up.

I guess that's all for now. Happy October. Carve a pumpkin!