Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving on

Once again, for those who care, my old MusicMan Sterling has changed hands. I traded it for a Lakland Duck Dunn in 08/08 or so. That guy then sold it this past March to someone in Portland. That guy then sold it to a guy in Nevada. And that last guy just traded it to someone in CT, all the way on the East Coast.

Ironically, Marci saw pix of that Sterling tonight and said she liked that bass. She basically told me to get it back. All I need is a sugar mama to hook me up...

Is it weird to stalk a bass?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Nope, still no job. Yes, still looking. Good news is that my unemployment extension went through so, sweet, I get to have a little income while I look.

My mom has been back in town and I've been running back and forth between here and her house. It's nice to be needed, but it does cut into my time a little. On the positive side (at least I think it's positive), she's a big fan of the OCB (if you don't know, you need to know) and we've gone there twice in the past few days.

All that, and Thanksgiving on Thursday? Better let out my belt.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It finally caught up.

Last week, my unemployment benefits ran out. I applied for an extension and that should be going through soon. So far, due to some sort of black magic, we've been able to stay above the waterline with creative ways of keeping money in the bank. 
  • Last Wednesday, I sold a bass on Craigslist. It was my black SB-2 and it wasn't getting off the bench. I sold it to a guy for $350 and that money went in our USE jar.
  • Last weekend, I cleaned out our downstairs closet and came across a bunch of computer games that I'd purchased over the past 15 years or so. I didn't list them on eBay or Craigslist, but on some forums I frequent. I listed them fairly cheaply and have moved a few of those at $5 to $10 a pop.
  • One game I found was an original copy of the legendary FPS, Doom. It was on 3.5" disks, had the original manual and box. I did list that on eBay for $50. After a day or so, a guy from Austria started emailing me about it and before long, he bought it from me. That was a nice surprise, but, did you know that PayPal will sit on funds for 21 days on an international transaction? They basically wait until I confirm that it has shipped or the buyer has received the item until they allow the money to go through. I see how that protects the buyer, but what about me? Shrug. The buyer seems cool through our emails, so we'll see what happens.
  • On Monday, I hit up Half-Price Books with a box of books (duh) and a bunch of DVDs. They offered $50 and I took it before I could calculate really how much stuff I "sold". After that, I sold a chorus pedal to a Craigslister for $25. I also went to Gamestop with about 6 games and an old Gameboy Advance SP. When purchased, all those items totaled about $300 or so. What did I get? $14.16. I took it anyway. $89.16 for a bunch of stuff that was sitting around the house. That was pretty cool, but it went straight to groceries that afternoon.
  • Marci got a job being pretty much a full-time nanny for a friend's 9 week old daughter. That starts at the end of November when the mom can go back to work. In addition to that, she's been subbing at a local church and our YMCA when they need her. She's also been very persistent in looking for ways to get help from organizations like Hopelink. Every little bit helps.

Anyway, this morning my phone blew up with emails. Several were from Chase indicating we had a low balance, then the dreaded Overdraft ones as well. We checked the bank today and the good news is my unemployment deposit is pending and should go through today. The bad news is that we're hit up for at least 2 overdrafts. Lame.

I'm still on the hunt for a job. I sent out 3 applications tomorrow and will send out more today. It's getting old, aggravating, depressing and soul-crushing that I can't even get myself an interview anywhere. And the frustrating thing is that it's not like I'm looking for upper level jobs! I can't even get in the door as an entry level kind of guy.

Normally I'm not a worrier. I tend to lay back and see the positive. This morning was a reminder that things are not ok and they need to change.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Interesting day

It all started off nice enough. Sunny out, etc. Marci and I had an early morning meeting with an advisor and got some good insight on some things we're working on.

We headed to the library after that. A few weeks ago, we were at the library and I got an email on my phone saying I got a second interview for the Parking Enforcement Officer job. Today, I got another email, only this time, it was to say that they had chosen other people to move forward. First thought? "Oh, no." Second thought? "Now what?"

I was pretty bummed. I got a few books and kept to myself for the ride home. After awhile, though, I started coming around. I figured feeling sorry for myself wouldn't help things. That, and Riley came home and was all goofy, so it was cool.

Speaking of Rye, he and I headed to Children's Hospital (aka Seattle Children's) for his weekly speech appointment. While we were there, I realized that one year ago tomorrow, we were in that very hospital getting his decompression surgery done. I wonder if they would've had cake and ice cream for us if our appointment was for tomorrow instead of today??

Later tonight, I perused Riley's blog a little, for the aforementioned reason of the one year anniversary of his surgery (was that redundant?). It's pretty amazing to think about what's gone on for him in the past 364 days. Just looking at that picture of him checking his new haircut just a day before the surgery is pretty poignant for me. I think that's the last picture I have of his head still intact. LOL.

Ok, then. Happy Surgery Anniversary to Rye. It's time for bed!