Thursday, January 07, 2010

Finally. Sun.

So much so that I've walked the dog twice this week. Incredible!

On Monday, I took Riley to the Y for his swim lessons. After I dropped him off, I realized I forgot towels, so I headed to the front desk. When I got back, the pool Riley was in (there are 2 at the Y) was empty. He was in the lap pool.

I asked the lifeguard what happened. He said the pool was contaminated. I asked if that meant what I thought it meant. He said it could be one of 3 things.


Anyway, Riley was quite excited about it. He told me twice that someone "throwed up" in the pool because they drank too much water. It was in an area he wasn't in so I'm assuming he didn't get contaminated either.

Must be all the newbs. At the Y yesterday, I heard the staff complaining/commenting on how all the "New Year Resolutions" were showing up. Which explained the horrible parking (which is no surprise; whoever designed that lot should be fired) and the full house.

I guess the New Year is awesome for business at health clubs and the like, but I wonder at what point the huge jump in numbers smooths out.

 This is from last summer, not the puke Y.