Monday, April 19, 2010

So slow. So very slow.

Last week I hit Fry's to buy memory for my computer. I've been thinking I needed memory because of all the photo editing and multi-screening I've been doing, so I added 1 whopping gig of RAM to my aging rig.

When I built this computer back in September of 2004 (OMG), I just wanted it to be able to run Half-Life 2. And it could, but not all that well. I forget how much RAM I had in it, but until last week, it was 2gb. And in some horrid oversight, the board I bought could only hold 3 sticks, so unfortunately, I'm stuck with 3gb max (and, IIRC, Windows XP only sees 3gb anyway, so more wouldn't help anyway).

It's been a week now since I've upgraded and... I'm wondering if I should just build a new rig. Or repurpose an old rig I have from the old business that's just sitting around.

I got a new camera (used T1i) yesterday and it's been fun playing with that. Trouble is, when shooting in RAW, the files are twice as big (15mb) as on my ol' Rebel XT. So downloading the pix takes... a... long... time. Though I think there's something up with my Photoshop Elements. I switched over to Lightroom for now to import the pix in.

Either way, this computer is starting to show its age. For surfing, movies, light gaming and daily duties, it's just fine. But for what I'm trying to do with it, photo editing (and not even that intense), it's getting a bit porky. Turn on an mp3 player (MediaMonkey) in the background and it's positively glacial at times.

Oh well. I will soldier on.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Snow, brush with death, working late

We took a mini-vacation to the great state of Leavenworth this week. It snowed today. In order, we did the following:
  • Took a hot tub in said snow (kids and wife, not me)
  • Visited Jim and our dog, Bella. Not as much snow at his house.
  • Went to lunch with Jim, no Bella, at the Gingerbread House. Tasty sandwich and soup!
  • Went back to Jim's and geeked out on photography and stuff.
  • Drove to Smallwood's and looked at peacocks, colored chicks (literally), goats, alpacas, sheep, pigeons and lots of candy.
  • Drove over Blewett Pass, saw a SUV going uphill somehow fishtail, over-correct, then plow into the car RIGHT BEHIND US. Whew. Not us.
  • Drove to I-90 and had clear sailing until the base of Snoqualmie Pass, then it was everyone stop and put on chains.
  • Drove over I-90 and felt sorry for everyone that had to put on chains, because, in reality, you didn't need 'em. SUCKERS!!
  • Stopped off an exit because Riley had to pee, and man, did he have to pee! Melted about a 2'x2' patch of snow.
  • Drove to Issaquah, almost got blinded by sun in the low western sky and also its darn reflection DIRECTLY INTO MY EYES LIKE A SODDING LASER BEAM! Almost death again, but I'm being dramatic.
  • Ate dinner at Pallinos Pasta or Pasteria. I simply don't remember.
  • And now I'm working on updating my P365 blog to look nicer. It's not a cool gallery format, but it's free and I'm liking where it's going.
So, back to that blog. Back to Bellevue. Had tons of fun in Leavenworth and look forward to doing it again.

Peace out.