Thursday, November 03, 2011

Weekend update

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is my weekend today and tomorrow.

I am loving my job. It may still be the honeymoon phase, and even though when I walk through the mall to get to work, I think to myself, “Man, I work at the mall,” I still love clocking in and helping people.

Funny thing is, some days are weird. When I get customers and they have issues with their computers that I have a hard time with (re: OUTLOOK!), I get bummed out. Every once in awhile, I get an issue that is quite easy (last night, helped a customer burn a song to his mp3 player) and I end up feeling great. Then I get a tricky one (and maybe with a less-than-patient customer) and BLEH, it feels rough.

The kids (so young! and smart!) I work with are FANTASTIC and I’m learning from them all the time. It’s hard to flounder around when I get a tricky question, but thankfully, everyone I work with is super-helpful and patient.


The next few weeks should be interesting. For now, I have Thursdays and Fridays off, which for now, is kind of cool. What’s not kind of cool, though, is that when Marci and the kids have Sat and Sun off, I’ll be at the mall, getting my retail on. Which isn’t so bad either; I am getting paid, after all. But for the rest of the week (Mon-Wed), the earliest I am off is 8pm. In other words, I’ll see the kids for about 30 minutes before school, and for 3 other nights, they’re asleep when I get home.

I’m feeling some daddy guilt since I’m not seeing the kids as much. I’m feeling some husband guilt as I’m not around to help Marci, but during the day, I’m trying to keep busy. Dog walking (since Friday, 4 walks with Bella!), dishes, laundry, garbage, etc.

Anyway, I keep thinking to myself that the scheduling thing will change soon enough. We’ll all be super-busy at work during the holiday season, so that’s to be expected, but afterwards, I’m hoping to get at least one weekend day off, as well as one or two nights a week where I can have dinner at home.


Next week I’ll be heading to the studio with the Scheme to record some… backing vocals? I think? Way back in February we recorded 7 rhythm tracks. David has gone in and finished up some guitar, vocals, stuff like that. My plan is to go in on Friday and lay down some velvety, syrupy backing tracks. It’ll be my first time-I hope they don’t have to autotune me.


Last thing. Can we have a running game on Sunday? Please? I want to see some BEAST MODE.