Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Small world

I'm in another band now, called the Navins. No idea what it means but there you go. We meet once a week in West Seattle and have been practicing for about 3 months now. We have a show coming up on 4/4 at Slim's in Georgetown, so for the one of you reading this, come see us play.

I still don't know the guys all too well as we get together once a week for about 2 hours at a time, play some songs, work on some stuff, then go our separate ways. They still tell jokes about their old bassist and talk about stuff I have no clue about. But from friending up 2 of the other 3 guys on FB (one guy doesn't have an account, it appears), I'm learning a little about them.

Like the drummer, Corey, for instance. Today happens to be his birthday (thanks, Facebook). When I first met him, he was the contact for the band, he placed the ad on Craigslist. He worked for Microsoft at the time as someone in marketing, or something like that. But, I digress. He has a blog (seemingly dead for now) and he has taken lots of band pictures. In perusing the pictures, it appears he was at a show I played with the Lund Bros. way back in 2007. In fact, I swiped a poster and have it in my basement.

There were 5 bands on the bill. Lund Bros., The Beltholes, Glossary, Never (something), Never Still and Grand Champeen. Sadly, Corey only took pictures of the other 4 bands and none of Tacoma's Finest Power Pop Band.

I'll have to hit him up to see if he has any archival footage.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Latest obsessions

Like the title says, things I've obsessed about recently:
  • Watches. I got bit by the bug around my birthday last year and have amassed a collection of 11 affordable (sub-$100) watches. I wore my Omega Seamaster (received in 2000 as a wedding gift) for the previous 14 years.
  • Binge watching tv shows. Let's see, I've watched Game of Thrones, Louie, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Fall, Top Gear, Orphan Black, House of Cards, Hannibal, Bosch (just started), True Detective, among others.
  • Fieldgulls.com. This website offers awesome analysis of all things Seahawks. It's pretty in-depth, but makes for great Monday morning reading after games.
  • Mixcraft recording software. My new bandmates are all iPad guys and use Garage Band to record their ideas. Not only have I started to write some music, I needed to find a way to do it. Internet searching for a Garage Band equivalent for PC led me to Mixcraft. My 14 day trial is over, but it gave me a taste of what my PC, a USB Rock Band mic and some bad drum loops can do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh, hello.

I must really be bored. Dusting off the old BlogSpot website, looking at my hipster-foray into tumbler. But, while I wait for Riley's macaroni-and-cheese water to come to a boil, I figured I'd see what was up.

Looks like it has been nearly 3 years since I last posted here. Not sure why. I guess it's just not being motivated to, or laziness, or out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. Certainly there are things to write about, but for whatever reason, I just didn't.


I don't care/know if anyone else reads this or even cares, but I get a kick out of looking back every so often to see what was on my mind or what I was up to, etc., etc.

Currently, it is mid-winter break for the kids and Marci. I am on my first day off in 12 days. One of my co-workers is on vacation and was supposed to be back last night. However, due to Epic Mega Snow Storms in the East, she isn't and despite that, I'm still not working today. Go me!

Speaking of work, still working for Microsoft, however now I'm an assistant store manager in the lovely city of Tukwila, working at a Specialty Store in the Southcenter Mall. Kiosk life, there's nothing sweeter.

Marci is still teaching, but also getting off the ground with a home-based business for a company called Plexus. It's helped her health greatly and we hope it helps us with our finances as well. She's really busting her butt to make it work and it is slowly growing. Keep your fingers crossed!

Haley is in 7th grade and will be 13 in a few months.


I can hardly believe it. She is so awesome 99% of the time. That 1% of the time she is just being a 'tween and I need to be better at recognizing that and walking away! She sure knows how to push my buttons, though.

She's doing a lot of running (who knew!) and plays bass clarinet just like I did way back when. She sounds pretty good and her teacher wants her to try out for all-city band next year.

Riley is now in 5th grade and he started playing trombone this year. It's pretty funny to hear him. The trombone is a fitting instrument for him. What's cool is hearing him progress. He definitely has improved since he first started and he is sounding pretty good. When he and Haley play together, it is a hoot. Marci and I have been trying to get them on video, but they freak out and stop whenever they see us filming.

So what else has changed since 2012? Well, as far as music goes, I haven't been playing with the Lund Bros. In fact, 2013 was the last time I played with them. We had a show at Slim's and since then, the only contact has a been via Facebook. It's too bad, really, as the guys are great and I love the music, but that commute to Tacoma is just too much.

After the Lunds, I filled in that summer (I think! I can't remember) with a band called Shake Some Action! (yes, with the exclamation mark). We played a few shows here and there, and then James, the singer/songwriter, put it on the back burner to focus on having a baby and writing music for licensing purposes.

I also ended up filling in with my old friend Jason's band, Sightseer. It was cool reconnecting with him; we had a bit of a rough go when he used to work for the family business, but it is all water under the bridge now. I played a handful of shows with them and it was fun, but it wasn't 100% my type of music, good as it was.

So the last time I played out was with Sightseer in 2013, the day of the Seahawks Super Bowl parade. We played at the Nectar in Fremont, which was sparsely attended, but fun. Since then, it's been tumbleweeds and crickets.

Late last summer I started looking on Craigslist and found an ad. I ended up meeting with these guys and after a few rehearsals, they offered me the gig. It took me a bit to succumb to the music though. It's pop, not as powerful as Lund Bros., or as melodic as the Scheme, and a bit more garage-y than I was used to, but it grew on me. Plus, to spice things up, they wanted me to sing on some songs and after stumbling through a few practices, things have gotten a lot better.

I've even taken to writing a few songs. It's been fun, dialing it up on my computer, using software and a Rock Band USB mic to record. We are working on a song I wrote but we are really still trying to piece it together. It's a basic song, but truth is, that's really all you need. I'm working out a muscle I've never used before and it's really cool. Some lyrics here and there, some chord progressions and poof, there's a song!

Hmm. I guess I could've split this post, but I just started typing. Let's see if I keep things up.