Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Navins at Tim's Tavern, 5/23/15

It's the Navins!

First time for me and us playing Tim's Tavern, all the way up just west of the Northgate Mall. I got there for load in and it was a tiny little place. Felt like playing in a friend's basement. Sort of weird location, too; it was just on the outside of a residential neighborhood. In fact, just over the wall to the "beer garden" (enclosed patio space) was a home of some sort.

In the bar, I was cozied up to by some large, hairy man. He kept bumping me and apologizing. Eventually he forced himself onto me, introducing himself as Sam. It was pretty clear that Sam had already been drinking for some time and was quite drunk by the late hour of 8:15pm.

He asked me about my musical influences and told me repeatedly that I was going to be "amazing" tonight. It was sort of annoying and awkward until I went to the bathroom and excused myself from his presence.

The show was supposed to start at 9 and I don't think the first band went on until 9:30. I wish they never started at all as they were pretty lousy. I'll keep them anonymous, but they were rough. A quartet, featuring a drummer, guitarist, 6-string bassist, and a female singer. At first I thought the singer was a barfly, but then she got in front of the band and proceeded singing.

Her voice was Geddy Lee/Fly By Night era shrill. It was up there and it was an assault on our ears. Me and my mates headed for the beer garden, where it was still pretty loud, but at least it was muffled.

Eventually, they finished their 12 song set (mercifully shortened to 10 songs), and we took the stage.

The first song, Never Wanted Nothing, went over pretty well. I felt like it was a good opener and we played it well. However, we started the second song, Take It Away, one that I sing, and it was off to the races.

That seemed to be the theme for the night: all our songs seemed to be played at Mach 1. Normally I try to really pull the tempo back but instead, I just rode it out. There were not a lot of people there and it was like a glorified rehearsal, so we just played the songs fast.

I felt pretty comfortable singing, too. I did screw up some lyrics on What You Do, which I seem to always screw up. I'm trying to throw in some "yeahs" and grunts/punctuations during the songs, too. Some inflections to make it more interesting. Still a work in progress but having fun learning each time.

Overall, despite the speediness of the tunes, I think we played better than we did at the Mix. And people said they could hear everything, too. The Mix had problems with the, er, mix that first show.

Anyway, back to it on Thursday and our next show is in June at the Victory Lounge.

Such a slacker

Been a few weeks.

Haley had a concussion the past week. Apparently she bumped/got tackled/tripped during P.E. and fell down, basically whipping her head and neck. Her head didn't hit the ground, but her brain bounced in her skull.

We had her take it easy the past week or so, but according to one pediatrician, we should not have had her go to school as she was having some headaches. Luckily it's a long weekend right now and she's sort of hanging loose and getting better.


I met with a former co-worker recently for a coffee and a potential business opportunity. Nothing worth reporting yet, but it was cool to get back in touch.


OH! On Mother's Day the family and I went to our favorite place, Old Navy. In their "impulse buy" section, I spotted a box with a watch and 3 NATO straps for $5.97. There were two types of watches, black and white, and depending on which watch pack you got, you got the straps for that pack. For that price, though? I grabbed both a black and white watch. They are super cheap, but they look great and are of the pilot variety. And the straps fit two of my other watches, so for about $13.00 out the door, I really juiced up my little collection.


My hair is long enough to wear in a ponytail or a bun all day if I want. I pretty much do it at home or on weekends, but not super comfortable at work doing it yet. Mainly cause I don't want Ed to bust my balls, but whatever. I did the other day and it was fine.


Great update, huh?