Sunday, March 12, 2017

5 months later

Well, I never got around to posting pix, did I?

I'm still using that phone from the last update, so there's that.

Christmas came and went. Big whoop. I finally got an Xbox One S and have been enjoying that.

Today is Daylight Savings and we lost an hour. We're all exhausted.

I've spent a lot of time recently on Twitter reading about politics, of all things. I follow the president and enjoy/get scared about his almost daily rants and ravings.

Applied for two more jobs at work and got turned down for both, though there may be one more interview for another position soon. 

Playing music with the Navins still, and just finished another show with the Scheme last night. At the start of the show, I broke my E string about 30 seconds into the first song. I proceeded to finish the song trying to transpose the E string notes an octave higher, sing, and stay locked in with Gregg. It sounded rough to me but the people that came said it sounded pretty good.

The bassist from the last band, Jeanette of Dany Laj and the Looks, loaned me her Fender Mustang for the rest of my set. It is a short scale bass and it took me about 2 songs to get comfortable playing it. I didn't adjust her strap as I didn't want to mess it up for her, so it felt like I was playing with a Rock Band guitar.

Today I ended my many year relationship with T-Mobile. Due to Haley breaking her last iPhone, we wanted to find a carrier that would finance a phone on my dealer plan. It seems that TMO wouldn't do it, so we switched me and Haley over to ATT. It'll be nice to get reception in the house now, after so many years without it.

I guess I'll blog again in August, at this rate.