Saturday, October 01, 2011

Well that only took all night…

Goodness. Yet another several hours fixing what should’ve taken just a little while.

After upgrading my computer to Windows 7 yesterday, it made Marci’s computer unable to print. With the previous setup, the printer was connected to my XP computer and she was able to print via the network.

For whatever reason, the printer was still seen on our network after the W7 upgrade, but it simply wouldn’t print.

I removed the printer several times, tried downloading drivers, researched the internet, and could find nothing indicating what might have been the matter. I brought her laptop downstairs and plugged it in directly to USB and it worked fine, so I know it wasn’t a compatibility issue. Plus it had just worked less than 24 hours before!

Anyway, I did some more reading and realized that Marci’s laptop was running W7 64-bit and my computer is running the 32-bit version. Someone mentioned downloading the WinXP 64-bit driver, which I did, and lo and behold, we have a winner!

Canon (the printer manufacturer) doesn’t have a W7 64-bit driver, but the XP one works fine anyway.

Problem solved.