Sunday, February 27, 2005

At the movies and stuff

Today we took our kids (aka Haley & Riley) to their first Real Movie. We took them (on a 60 degree day, no less) to Crossroads to watch Pooh's Heffalump Movie. No real reason to go other than to go. (BTW, the last movie I saw? The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)

We get there about 12:00 for a 12:15 show only to find out that it's a 12:30 show. Normally, that's ok. You sit and talk with your date/friend/s.o. and it's cool. However, with 2 kids under 3, it's not so ok. In this case, though, it was ok. Everyone behaved fine.

We were the first ones in the theater. 400 or seats, all to ourselves. A few minutes later, 5 people came in: Mom, Grandma, another woman and 2 little girls. Where do they sit? RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. There's 396 other seats and they plop down right in front of us. Luckily, the movie was what it was, so it wasn't that big a deal. I was looking forward to a nap, to be honest.

Before the movie starts, of course, are the previews. Before the previews, of course, are the commercials. Being that it's a kid's movie, the commercials are age appropriate. Well, "commercials" may not be the right word. More like PSAs or something. There was one that showed all these people, with America the Beautiful, R&B style, playing in the background. All ethnicities. Kids pushing kids in wheelchairs. People at the county fair. A pregnant woman and her daughter on their front stoop. I half expected it to be a Coca-Cola ad. When it ended, there was something on the screen like "America: For a Better Tomorrow", or something. Not sure. Then they had these CG (computer generated) shorts that had some Sasquatch or something stomping around. Bigg's Adventure, they called it. As I watched it, I got the weird feeling that it was slightly preachy. This Sasquatch, Bigg, was invisible. But, if you wanted to see him, you could see him. And when it showed the stupid CG kids seeing him, their eyes lit up like candles and then it was, "Oh my gosh! I can see him! (or maybe Him?)" I thought I was at church.

So the movie started and so did my nap. Actually the movie was cute, when I was awake, or not yelling at Haley to sit still. Man. That girl is wild. Anyone got any extra Ritalin laying around?

That little girl in front of us was named Sloan. Or Sloane. Not sure. I heard her mom ask her something. Now, say it with me: What the hell kind of name is Sloan(e)? It reminded me of this Ken and Barbie couple me and Marci met at a pre-bringing-your-2nd-child-home-to-meet-the-first-child class. Barbie starts saying something about how Berkeley did this and that and blahblahblah (aside: It bugs me when people talk about someone you don't know like you know them well). Then I got to thinking about all these damn trendy kids with names like Savannah, Mackenzie, Tristan, Madisyn (what's with the Y?), etc, etc, etc. Are Haley and Riley trendy? I just thought they sounded good with my last name. *shrug*