Saturday, January 21, 2006


Last year, when Lost was on, I watched it. Really dug it. About halfway through the season, though, I kind of lost interest. I enjoyed the backstories and stuff like that, but I thought the pacing on the island was way too inconsistent. If I was on that island, I'd be going Fox Mulder on everything looking for the truth, because, after all, the truth is out there.

Anyway, I got tired of people seeing some smoke monster in one episode, then NOT MENTIONING IT TO ANYONE for 3 weeks. Instead, they'd get caught up in petty little fights over stupid stuff.

Towards the end of the season, I got back into it and this season have been watching pretty religiously, enjoying it quite a bit.

Yesterday, I received the season 1 DVDs for Lost via a trade with an internet acquaintance. I watched the first two eps last night.


What a difference it makes to go back and watch knowing what you know now. It seems to shatter the idea that the writers are making things up as they go. Much of what we're seeing even now is hinted at in the first few episodes. It's really quite cool.

One thing I noticed, even though we find out her background in the first episode, is the first interaction with Kate. When we see her, she's coming through some trees, rubbing her wrist. She sees Jack, they proceed to flirt/banter/sew up Jack's wound, and we're none the wiser. However, because I knew she was on the plane handcuffed, that little wrist rub really struck me as, "How cool is that?"

I'm lame!

Anyway, I'll enjoy watching this show some more. Go me!