Saturday, January 21, 2006



Boy. Typing without using the space bar is harder than you'd think.

I CANNOT WAIT until tomorrow at 3:00pm! Thank goodness I have Tivo; having 2 busy ass kids will make you thankful for all sorts of odd things. Personally, I'd like to go watch the game with friends or my brother, but that would mean leaving Marci with the kids while I had fun. (I know, that's what she's doing next week, but that's different; she's with 'em all the time!) Plus, we look at our weekends as "together" time, as in, we do everything "together".

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my family and everything, but it's hard for me to just sit and watch a football game live, w/o interruptions. Poor me, right?

Anyway, it'll be a badass time tomorrow, with or without the family. I'm going to now predict the outcome of tomorrow's game.

AFC, Pittsburgh at Denver. Denver's at home, but I'm feelin' Pittsburgh. That game last week against the Colts was amazing. Pittsburgh 31, Denver 17.

NFC, Carolina at Seattle. Seahawks can do no wrong. I'm conviced Shaun Alexander will come out his playoff snooze and gain at least 100 yards. Matt will play his usual efficient 225 to 250 yard game and the defense will play as good as they have to to win this game. Carolina 17, Seattle 28.

See you in Detroit!