Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good or bad Karma?

I've had a Rio Karma mp3 player for almost 2 years now. I bought one in 6/04 with a 2 year warranty. It's been good for me for most of the time. Sure, the headphone jack frizzles but for the most part, I play it in the car via its dock and RCA outs. Every once in a while I get a HDD lock up and have to reset or do a hard shut down.

I've been perusing some alternatives, mainly flash based players. The Karma is a 20gb player, but I'm starting to wonder if I really need 20 gigs. The flash players I've been scoping are 4 gigs, but for the same price as the Rio.

My warranty gets me a replacement unit (but CompUSA no longer carries the Rios) or equivalent or, I think, a store credit. The 4gb one I want (Samsung YP-Z5) CompUSA doesn't sell. And I don't want an iPod. So what I did tonight is format my Rio and will reload some music and see how it goes.

If worse comes to worse and I keep it past the warranty period, there are lots of aftermarket upgrades out there (larger or replacement hard drives being what I'd look into).

It's funny. I packed up all the Karma's accessories tonight and was all ready to take 'er in tomorrow, but now I'm having cold feet. I'll give it a shot with the reformat and transfer of music. Cross your fingers!