Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been such a long time....

I think I should be going.

Actually, I'm here and going nowhere. I had no idea that 1.5 months had passed since my last post. So what's new? Well, my parents aren't buying that house in the previous posts. That's good.

Haley just had her 4th birthday. She had a party at a local paint-your-own-ceramics place. Apparently she's Little Miss Popular as all 20 of the kids she invited showed up. She got a million presents, including a bike, a Leapster and a ton of Strawberry Shortcake stuff. I'm looking forward to when Riley gets older so he gets some cool ass toys like Hot Wheels and video games. :)

For my birthday a few weeks ago I got Guitar Hero for the PS2. What a blast! For those not in the know, you get an SG style controller:

You also get a game disc containing some killer tunes, including Killer Queen, Iron Man, Crossroads, Texas Flood, Take Me Out, among others. The point of the game is to "play" your guitar to the songs, both rhythmically and by "note" on the frets of the guitar. You start with easy songs like I Love Rock and Roll and work your way to expert songs like Bark at the Moon.

I've been playing this game non-stop since getting it 2 weeks ago. Heck, if Marci will play it too, you know it must be good. She actually got some groove on and rocked out. It was quite the moment.... sniff...

I'm also counting the days until I can turn the van in on our lease. Though I probably could turn it in as it's paid off now. So, that leads me to the next question. What do I replace it with?

I could continue to drive our company car, a beat up, 93 Ford Escort wagon with horrid yellow decals all over it. The upside? No car payments. The downside? Hard to be a pimp in that ride.

I'm thinking about the new GTI, though I'm not a big fan of the "culture" of the kids interested in it. Or maybe I'm just gettin old? Another car I'm keeping my eye on is the Audi A3. Like a GTI for grown-ups, kind of. And I test drove an American car just before we bought the Jetta. It was a Chevrolet HHR. Kind of like a manlier version of the PT Cruiser. Pretty cool car, but wasn't completely sold on the styling of the front end.

In other news, we've closed Migun, the massage bed store, as it was costing us too much to keep it open. It's a good move, business-wise, though my dad is very reluctant to do so. He's a stubborn ol' dude. He needs to ride off into the sunset now.

Anyone out there know how to fix a lawnmower???