Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am seeing my current favorite band tonight. That band is:

I found out about MUSE in early 2004. I heard a song on the radio with this wild falsetto singer and thought for a moment it was Incubus. They had a song on the radio at the time that I thought featured falsetto singing. I remember the song having this awesome build section in it, a "flying brick", as it were, that led to a killer chorus. And, did I mention the totally fuzzed out bass?

As I heard the song a few more times, I learned it was actually a band called MUSE from England. Quick! Off to the Internet!

I did some research and found out that MUSE was a little power trio (those of you who know me may know that my other favorite band is the little power trio from Toronto, Canada). The song I'd heard was called Time is Running Out and it just kicked my ass.

Fast forward to May of 04 and I was lucky enough to see MUSE play Neumo's on Capitol Hill. As it usually is at GA shows for me, everyone standing between me and the band must've been 6' or more. As I stand at a towering 5'7", it was an issue. Luckily, the stage was pretty high, so I could see ok.

I just remember being BLOWN away by how stupendous MUSE was. Matt Bellamy, the singer/guitarist/keyboardist, is a freakin' genius. He had a keyboard hooked up to these lights that would change to whatever notes he'd play. Beautiful. Just a great show, even if there was a little technical difficulty here and there.

Right now I'm listening to MUSE be interviewed by a local DJ and it's quite distracting.

I'll bring a camera tonight and have a full report later.