Monday, December 04, 2006

Let's blog!

Holiday time. So Xmas is 20 days from now. In the past week, I've learned of 2 people I know that died.

Well, "know" may be too strong a word, but I did know them. One was a woman I knew from work. She signed for stuff when I delivered. We made tiny talk (not even enough for small talk). I heard she died and remembered she was pregnant. I guess she had the baby on a Monday, then went back to the hospital a week later for something and ended up dying there. So she had a week to spend with her new baby boy and then, poof, she was gone. Sad.

The other person that died was our across the cul-de-sac neighbor. An elderly couple lived there and it turns out that both were suffering from Alzheimer's and were both in a nursing home. Evidently the woman fell and hit her head and died shortly thereafter. Sad.

Happy holidays!!

In other news, we have some gigs coming up. Saturday, next Friday, then on the 30th and one in January, on the 5th. This weekend's gig is a fund raiser for a school in Tacoma that can't afford band instruments. Without instruments, there is no band. So, without instruments, the kids can't even choose to have band. Which sucks. It'll be an eclectic show for sure; there's all sorts of music to be had. I think we'll be the heaviest band there.

Next week's gig is at a place I've never played, the Skylark in Seattle. Should be cool as many of my new church mates (that's right! I'm going to church now! Look out!) plan on coming out. Also, following us is a local indie songstress. She has lots of cred and hopefully she likes us and makes us her pet project (half-serious).

I watched Super Size Me last night and, as a result, have not drank any sodas today. Usually I'm good for one or two, but after watching that movie, I may change a few things. We'll see. You know, set a good example for the kids and stuff.

I heard from a friend tonight who was in a bad way. This person had gotten into some sort of trouble and may have ended a relationship because of it. That's all I can say about that and my thoughts are with that person.

The family and I are heading to DC in 15 days. 15 days! Crap! I gotta do some shopping and buckle down for the no-fun flight w/kids. Grr.

And now, it's time for bed. Peace.