Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Saturday and everyone's alive

Marci had surgery early EARLY Thursday morning. Like 2am Thursday morning. Turns out after a CAT scan, they determined that her appendix was about to burst, so out it came. I was back at home at about 10:30, basically hanging out as the kids slept. I talked to Marci at 12:30 or so and at that time, she was downing some liquid to help with the scan. She called me at 4 to tell me about the surgery. Then I passed out.

I got Marci home finally about 12 or so on Thursday. Riley went to the Y with our friend Christine and Haley was at Emily's house. Thank goodness for good friends as Marci was able to hang out and rest for a while.

Later, we were fortunate enough to have some church friends bring dinner over. In fact, they set it up so we have dinner through Sunday night. Very kind of them.

Monday we are leaving town for California again. That should be interesting. We're going to try to get assistance at the airport as Marci will be ok to travel, but not ok to carry stuff or kids. Wish us luck.

I will be missing out on 2 Lund Bros. practices. It kind of sucks. Our schedule has been weird recently. We'll hook up for one rehearsal, then we miss 2 weeks due to illness or work or bad timing. So we practiced last week (12 new songs), and I'll miss this week and next week's practices. Then we have a gig on the 14th. So I'll have to do some woodshedding on my own as these new songs are not quite tight enough just yet.

I picked up an Xbox 360 last week. It is awesome. Now I just need to finagle a HDTV to go with it. I've been staying up waay too late playing video games. I am such a geek.