Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

It's been an interesting week. When was my last blog? Awhile ago, I suppose. Happy November.

Let's see. On Friday I fired someone. Someone who'd been with the company for 17 years. Long story short, it just wasn't working out. She was costing us way too much money and not making us enough money. The result of that is now, we've freed up some money, but I'm having to really pick up the slack. Lots of customer calls, lots of emails, lots of explaining where the employee went. It's busy, but good.

On Monday, Riley came down with pneumonia. He's been to the doctor 3 times this week. He's miserable. Luckily, though, when he gets sick like this, he's pretty lethargic and doesn't let it affect his mood too much. He had 2 shots in his legs today. He handled it like a man. I was more nervous than he was.

Haley is a little sick too. Congested, coughing and hacking. She's not as easy as Rye when she's sick. Usually she's a big brat, but this time she's not too bad. Just tired a lot.

Marci, as I type this, is in the hospital, laying on a bed with the gown on and an IV in her arm. Earlier in the week, she started complaining about stomach pain. She thought she was constipated and figured a nice ol' BM would take care of things. Nope. It hurt when she laughed, when she peed, when she coughed. Finally, she decided to go to the doctor tonight, and after a pelvic exam, she was told to head to the Overlake emergency room. The doctor thought that something was wrong with Marci's uterus. Yikes.

Right now, she's waiting for an ultrasound. Obviously I'm hoping for the best, but a little tiny bit of me is worried. She sent me home as I was pretty useless there. Nothing to do; just sit around and wait for the doctors to come in and out.

Both kids are asleep and I'm hoping that the doctors send Marci home soon. If she has to stay the night, she may be on her own. I don't think I'll be able to call anyone to come watch the kids in the dead of the night.

I'll put something up when I hear something. In the meantime, think good thoughts.