Tuesday, October 07, 2008


We met with a Bathfitters guy this summer. They install a shower/tub over your existing one. It's not as expensive as a whole makeover of the bathroom, but it's still expensive, relatively speaking.

At the time, we weren't ready to do it, so we told the guy no thanks.

A few weeks ago, it became more and more apparent that our shower floor was slowly turning black and brown with mold. It wasn't for lack of cleaning or trying, but after 25+ years of use and scrubbing, the fiberglass floor was giving up the ghost. We called the Bathfitters guy to come remeasure, and then told him to go ahead with the job.

Last Friday, Duke came from PlumbFit (contracted by Bathfitters) to demo the lower half of our shower.

Unfortunately, it was either Friday and Monday, or end of the month. We chose now and have "suffered" with using the downstairs shower in the laundry room.

Yesterday, Zack came from Bathfitters and did the install. A buddy joined him later and they were here for about 7 hours or so. Between the start and finish, we thought we lost our cat. With Dad passing, then a dead bird found on Sunday, and now a potentially missing cat, we figured Haley would be a basket case.

Thankfully, we found the stupid cat later. In Haley's closet. Luckily, the cat didn't show her displeasure with us in the closet. But, I digress.

After Zack and co. finished, they told us we had to wait 24 hours for the caulk to dry, etc. So we waited.

Tonight, Marci took a shower. I pulled into the garage about 5:30 and smelled soap. As I came around her car, I saw water running down the wall in the garage. It was just above the utility sink, just under where the shower would be. Upon further inspection, it was clear there was a bulge from above that wasn't there before. It would appear that one of the workers put something lower than it should've been, which then proceeded to leak all over the wall and floor.

I called Bathfitters and it was a little too late. The salesperson answered, but the office people were all gone. The good news is, according to Greg, the salesperson, they'll take care of it. The bad news is that we have no brand new shower to use for the next few days, at least.

I just finished working out, and instead of taking a shower in our nice new shower, I get to take one in a nice, coffin-sized shower. No big deal, I suppose. It could be worse, right?