Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I need, in no particular order

  • a haircut. It's been since early December since I cut my hair and right now, it's a stinkin' mess. But, haircut = $$$ and, therefore, it's not a big priority right now.
  • children who mind. It's not always, but almost every night, and right at bedtime. Riley has been really bratty right at bed. He pretty much does anything he can to stay awake. He'll come out of his room. He'll stall going potty and then go when he's about to pass out. He'll talk and then come tell us he can't sleep. Parents know what I'm talking about. We have his lock on his door so we can lock him in, but if/when we do that, he goes nuts and it's just a huge pain.
  • some customers. Work has been really slow of late and cashflow is very tight. Customers are cinching their belts tight and not spending like they used to. I'd like to do some advertising/marketing, but to do that, I need some $$, and $$ is what I don't have. Though I did have some ideas today that I'll try out tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  • patience. See above.
  • mad skills. We recently replaced our digital camera (somehow the LCD broke. I replaced that and the display is still shot. Bad video component, I think) and I've spent a lot of time taking pictures, reading books and really learning how to use it. It's not terribly fancy (not a DSLR), but it's nicer than the one we had. The pix I've taken are nothing special, but it is a lot of fun trying to give some thought to the photos, instead of just clicking away aimlessly.
  • better discipline. I started the year off working out again. The past two weeks? Not so much. I was going to tonight, but, alas, got sidetracked. Marci and I will tomorrow night. Yesterday morning, she was going for a walk, but it was too cold so she did a TV workout with Trainer Bob. I was so proud! So, we're gonna try it together tomorrow.
  • some perspective. As tricky as it has been at work recently, I still have it ok, I suppose. I get to wondering what to do when my creditors are calling and asking for money I don't have. Then I start thinking about people who have it worse than I do. I suppose their bad luck makes me feel lucky? Is that bad?
  • a time machine. That way, I could go into the future and see what the hell happens. All this talk of another year of crappy, or "horrific", as I saw in the paper this weekend, economy is kind of frightening. It is bad, no doubt, but it's going to get worse? Shoot me now.
There you have it. An update. I was going to write about how I'm still here, but just taking a blog break, and then this happened. It's profound, I know. I guess I just couldn't stay away for too long.

I think I hear Riley goofing around. I'm going to go kick his ass.

Figuratively, that is.