Monday, March 02, 2009


I love Caps Lock.

Interesting things I've done in March:
  • Contacted a lawyer (then uncontacted him)
  • Spent a Sunday at work (yesterday)
  • Thought my ceiling was leaking (see above [no pun intended])
  • Fixed a computer at home (usually done at work)
  • Canceled band practice (hate doing that)
  • Worked on a resume (wait. what?)
  • Cried (though technically that was 2/28)
  • Got an ice cube massage (from Riley. Don't ask)
  • Made big ass changes at work (more detail in the future)
If the rest of March is like this, and I have reason to think it will, well, I'll be dead.


Right now, it's all a "situation", as a wise sage told me last night (a friend working on refinancing our mortgage). Many of us are going through "situations" right now, right? Money's tight, between jobs, etc, etc. Will we survive? Most definitely. Will it be easy?


But, what doesn't kill makes stronger, blah blah blah. What happens if I'm not stronger at the end of this? I'll wish I was dead? I don't think so. Does an optimist ever wish he was dead? That's a weird thought.


In completely unrelated news, I have some shows coming up in April. Both are with the Bros. and they happen in back to back weekends. First up is 4/3, at the New Frontier in Tacoma. That should be boss.

Next up is 4/10 at the Skylark. That will be boss as well. And, to top it off, my birthday is that Sunday, so I'm thinking of promoting it as a birthday show. This could be very cool, or completely deflating and depressing (what optimist?). I'd like to think people would want to come regardless if it was my birthday or not. My experience would show that I'd have 1-2 or .5-1 or .25-.5 people at any given show. Though, my last Bros. show at the Mars Bar, there were at least 3 people there for me.

So, I'm thinking if I say it's my birthday that weekend, maybe instead of 1-2 people, I'd have 3-5? More? Less? I don't even want to think about it. The potential of MAJOR FAILURE is always there and to get my hopes up that even 1 or 2 people would show up is not worth the crushing defeat later.

It's like I'm Charlie Brown and they're the Little Red Haired Girl. I just want them to notice me. That's all.