Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trying to stay positive

It's not that hard for me to do so. I get bummed, so I think of others who have it worse. Then I don't feel as bad. Then I see what I'm up against and KAPOW! A little overwhelming.

So, I'm thankful for the help, support and love of others. I wanted to give some shouts out to people who have been completely awesome in this time of EPIC FAIL for me. In no particular order:
  • Yumei: she showed just how awesome she was when Dad died. Now that we're going through what we're going through (and I'm sorry for the vagueness. It'll come out in due time), I'm just glad she's here with me, doing the grunt work so I can do some of the important (re: NOT FUN) work.
  • Rich L. & Ed: they went above and beyond the call of duty, basically out of loyalty and a desire to serve. Incredible.
  • Knight: There's a reason that after 1. Voice Mail, 2. Marci Home, 3. Marci Cell, Knight Cell is Speed Dial number 4. He's my go-to guy and his help, advice and occasional butt-whompings have kept me pointed in the right direction.
  • Evan: He's gone rough trials of his own recently, but he's found time for me. I wish I could say all my calls to him were for fun reasons, but more often than not, it was for advice. As he says, "that's what friends are for." Indeed.
  • Mom: she's been a pretty much constant companion (if not car-pool buddy) through this. The more I talk to her, the more she channels Dad. It's funny. Now she's on a cruise to Italy (I think) and she left her digital camera battery here. Ugh. Kind of my fault. I forgot to tell her to take it. Oops.
  • Rob: someone who's been through a lot and has been willing to share his experiences and knowledge with me. Sometimes, I think of how he might handle a situation and try to do the same. Believe it.
  • David: another friend who's been helping me professionally. Normally I don't like working with friends for fear of letting them down, but David has been nothing but straight forward with me and his advice and friendship has meant a whole lot. Not to mention we make music together, so that's cool too.
  • Mark: his cool demeanor and willingness to help has helped me get perspective on things when I'm feeling overwhelmed. This kid (I have 10 years on him) teaches me something every time I see him. I don't know if that's good or bad.
  • Ted and Judy: yes, the in-laws make the list too. They've come across tough times of their own in this economy, yet they find time to advise us and share their experiences.
  • Jill B.: it was short and sweet, but seeing Jill was a definite pick-me-up. Plus it helps that her parents are super cool. And that the kids love them. But definitely, Jill will pick you up when you're down.
  • Jill C.: her friendship and professional advice to me has been very stabilizing. Again, someone I call only when I need something, it seems, but I hope she understands that she's more to us than just someone we have a business relationship with.
  • Haley and Riley: every night when I get home, I come up the stairs and say, "Hi friends!" and more often than not, I get ignored because they're watching TV. No big deal, as that just means I'm in Daddy Attack Mode and the tickle time begins. I recharge with a couple big ol' hugs and all is good in the world. Plus, those kids have been with me the past 3 weekends when I've been at work and haven't complained yet. Have they?
  • Marci Chang: my rock steady wife has been so awesome through this whole ordeal. A lot of the time, how Marci goes, I go. This time, she's been solid and I cannot tell you how important that is to me. In this time of uncertainty and worse, she has held it together remarkably well, all the while managing this house, the kids, the PTA, groceries, cooking, planning dates (she shared a massage with me this weekend!), talking to all sorts of unfun, but necessary people, and so on and so forth. Once we get through this, Marci will get a big gold star. She's the best.
Now I know how Oscar winners feel. I'm sure I've left some people out, but, truth be told, I'm gassed right now. I am going to go chill for a little bit.

Positivity! It's the new black!