Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random thoughts and musings

While I waste away my late evening waiting for my wife to be sound asleep before I turn in, I offer the following tidbits:

  • I just signed up on a site to track whether or not local stores carry the Nintendo Wii. I was angling for a 360, but figured that I and the kids would interact more with the Wii. Plus, I played my bro's over the weekend and really enjoyed that. I have a buddy who has a cousin at Costco who is keeping an eye out for me. I am a geek.

  • Indy 4 comes out May 22, 2008. Please please please let it not suck!

  • I'm playing bass in a church band. That's weird on two levels. One is that I'm going to church. Second is that I'm playing Christian music. After having never gone to church, I've been going weekly since August (!!). I've been playing bass in this band since November (??). Anyway, both are a bit unsettling. I'm going to church mainly for my wife, but I do enjoy the people there and things aren't as wacky as I thought they'd be. After having played bass for 20+ years, I'm in a situation with a couple of musicians that is uncomfortable, and not because of the music. I've been playing with very competent musicians for years and these guys are adequate, but young and unseasoned and it's really uncomfortable for me to not have a solid drummer to fall back on.

  • I'm listening to Snakecharmer by Rage Against the Machine and DAMN if Tim C.'s tone isn't AWESOME!

  • I'm reading a book by Dan Simmons called The Terror, about a bunch of sailors who get stuck in ice while trying to find the Northwest Passage in the 1840's. It's pretty grim and interesting so far. They are stuck for 2 winters, one of which the temps get to -60F. What the hell? They dress in their "slops" (some sort of hardcore winter wear) and have to perform watches on deck. Now, I know next to nothing about subzero temps, but can people really survive that kind of insanity?

  • American F'n Idol started for real tonight. When is one of these guys going to BRING IT? I mean, every song was a ballad, for cryin' out loud. When one dude brought it, he got slagged. I did appreciate the WA kid singing some Keane. That was pretty cool.

  • I think it's late enough now. Wife should be sound asleep. Now it's my turn.
PS: Happy 2nd Blog-a-versary to me! Two years and going strong!?!?!