Tuesday, March 06, 2007


degrees says the reader board by my work. OMG! I heard it would be 65 today and it may be warmer than that. Boy is it nice.

I now have a Wii. I walked into Best Buy a few weeks ago on a lark, just to see if they had any. Lo and behold, I sighted not one, but two Wiis in the wild. Needless to say, I grabbed one and took it to the check-out. (Should've grabbed both as I probably could have made $50 to $100 on it) Got the sucker home and got in a bit of trouble as the Mrs. was planning on getting one for my b-day in April. Regardless, I plugged it in and had some fun playing baseball and bowling with Haley. Riley hasn't got the skillz just yet to play. I also picked up Zelda: Twilight Princess a few days later and have been having much fun with that (this coming from a non-Zelda person).

(Wow. My door is open and I'm a bit sweaty. Workin' hard typing this blog, I guess)

Our last show got canceled. I guess Chris was getting jerked around by the booker. He ended up backing out of the gig. Too bad as I always enjoy playing, even if it's in Tacoma. Plus, our next shows aren't until May, so, unless something pops up, that's it for 2 months. Ugh. On the upside, that lets us work some other tunes into the set. Possibly even a Queen cover...

(This weather is really a trip. I have no idea how the rest of the week is supposed to be but I know this is just a tease. It'll probably be rainy and gross for the next few days.)

I have a skin tag on my neck that is driving me crazy. It's right at my collar line and every time I move, it gets bumped and is aggravated. I should just pull the sucker off and deal with the pain (and blood), but I'm too big a wimp.

Someone I know fairly well and have always known as someone who likes kids but doesn' t want kids is pregnant. Not an unplanned pregnancy, but this person is still coming to grips with it. I am very happy for this person and look forward to getting the ok to spill the beans.

Goodbye for now as it's time to do some real work.