Monday, March 26, 2007


Had rehearsal tonight and realized that I've been playing the same songs with the Lunds for almost 2 years now. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But, to drive 40 miles one way, then 40 miles back costs me about $10 a trip, and, to play the same songs over and over gets a little old. So I've been a little excited that Sean has been writing some new songs. He sent me 5 tonight. I'm quite impressed. They're rough; just guitars, vocals and light percussion, but I love where he's going with the songs. Very melodic and catchy. Typical Sean, in my opinion. I think both bros write great songs but I think Sean's are a little more accessible.

Anyway, he's wanting to go in the studio in a few months. It'll be nice to rehearse for that as, for 2 years now, I've never worked on new material with them, other than by myself for the few songs I recorded for Chris.

Wow. Sean has some great songs. There's one I'm listening to now called Sugar that he wrote several years ago. It's actually recorded and done and it KICKS ASS. That will be fun to play live.

Oh. I played at my friend Rob's church yesterday. That was fun. I hadn't played with Rob for almost a year (last Easter). It's so nice to be able to play and just know that the drums are there. Solid. My regular God gig has a couple of kids in it. The drummer is maybe 20-21 and the guitarist/singer is 18. For once, I'm the old man in the band and it sucks. Hell. I've been playing bass for longer than they've been alive! They're not bad players, but they are really just learning the craft of being in a band. It's just not solid. Who knows? Maybe it's me and Rob's history of 10 or so years (on and off) of being a rhythm section. Maybe it's because he's a badass on the drums. In any event, it's always fun to play with him. It's just too bad that his church is 25 miles away. If it was closer, I'd change churches to play with him.