Saturday, March 24, 2007

20 oz. and TMI

Almost 2 cans of pop. Half of a 40. And 20 oz. was what came out of Riley's stomach tonight. How did I know?

I was putting dishes away tonight and Riley started moaning a little. Marci rushed over and I handed her a Tupperware mixing bowl we have. Sure enough, Riley started blasting away again. This time, he did about 3-4 heaves. The side of the bowl has measurements and that line of vomit just cleared the 20 oz. mark. I almost took a picture of the results.

Last night, we were brave and took the brood out to dinner. A nice, kid-accepting though not necessarily kid-friendly, restaurant. Marci really wanted sushi and when Marci wants sushi, well, watch out.

Anyway, dinner went fine and the kids were not bad at all. At the end of dinner, Riley puked. Luckily, it was only a little bit and not the torrent from the other night or tonight. So, that wasn't too bad.

Today, he had the runs also. In the past, he would've blown out his diaper (the parents know what I mean). Luckily, we've been working on toilet training and he was able to hold it when were out and did his deed in the bowl.

Apparently he has a virus, or so says the on-call nurse. When he's not puking or pooping, he's fine. But what's coming out of his body tells us otherwise. I myself have felt fine, though my tummy has been rumbly all day and, well, my stuff has been less than solid. So I may be fighting something as well.

Good times.

On deck: playing bass at Rob's church.