Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So much drama, so little time

Work has been terrible lately. Friday, I let someone go only to let him back. Monday, someone wanted to quit only to unquit. Today, the person I let go on Friday decided to step down altogether.


Then again, it could be worse. An old friend's dad had a heart attack last week and had a quadruple bypass surgery today. Yikes! Apparently he's doing as well as he can be after major surgery and things are looking positive, but, keep your fingers crossed anyway.

In other news, I am having 20+ years of snoring investigated. A few weeks ago, I attended a sleep information seminar in which I was the youngest participant by 15 years, at least. Apparently, according to Marci, I snore like a buzzsaw. She hears me from other rooms, from upstairs (when I fall asleep downstairs), etc., etc. In fact, I'm still up now to make sure she's asleep before I turn in.

Anyway, in a few weeks, I'll be spending at least one night being observed at the sleep clinic. I'll have all sorts of monitors on me, as well as a video camera and sound recording. Note to self: no beans on day of testing.

As of March 1, I have not had any soda. I heard some radio guys saying how they were giving up smoking, drinking, cursing, etc. for the month of March and I decided to give up my 1-2 can a day habit. After all, it is just liquid candy, right? I've been drinking a lot more water and OJ and still hitting $tarbuck$ and/or the coffee pot every once in a while. I do miss the pop, but not nearly as bad as I thought.

Been playing a lot of Zelda on the Wii. Who woulda thought that waving a controller around like a sword would actually feel like... waving a controller around like a sword. It's really quite intuitive and fun. Pressing a button is just so passe!

Watched a few movies the past few days. Saw the Holiday on Friday. Total chick flick. Ruined not only by being a CF, but also because Jack Black was in it being a Smooth Operator version of himself. Also, they managed to make Kate Winslet look plain and Cameron Diaz look hot. Hurwha? Then we watched the Island on Saturday. That movie wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Plus it had some killer chase sequences and good blowed up stuff. But, for a movie set in 2019, all the cars looked like today's cars with some "futuristic" ground efx. Lame. And today we watched the Break-Up. I have a friend who despises Jennifer Aniston; I happen to think she's PRETTY FRIGGIN HOT. But the movie was meh. Kind of deflating. Kind of uncomfortable (think the Office) at times. Vince Vaughn is a riot, but he just plays the same chatty character we all love him to play. Up next? Casino Royale.

Tomorrow night is Wednesday which can only mean one thing! The return of Friday Night Lights! It starts at 8 on NBC and if you don't watch it, you SUCK. Best damn show on TV, bar none. Tomorrow's is the first of 4 new shows, so don't miss it.

I guess that's it for now. It's kind of fun blogging. I only hope people are reading.