Thursday, March 22, 2007

Puke. It's what's for dinner!

For dinner, Marci made baked potatoes. I served up the kids and had just garnished mine. Butter, sour cream, bacon bits and some chopped green onions. Yum.

Then a tube of vomit shot out of Riley's mouth, into his plate/bowl. Oops. Then he did it again. I caught some of it with his plate/bowl. The rest of it ended up on the floor, and it appeared to be his lunch (oranges and mac 'n' cheese, fyi, but not in that order). Marci ran over to grab Riley and booked ass to the bathroom. I thought he was done, but, not quite. He blasted the bathroom floor (more oranges and m & c). When I got there, he was practically inside the toilet bowl and had puked once more.

Riley's been having some issues with eating with some time now. We're finally starting to narrow things down to enlarged/swollen tonsils. He's almost 2.5 years old and still drools quite a bit. Well, if you couldn't swallow normally, you'd probably drool too. So, in a few weeks, we're taking the poor boy over to Children's to get them and his adenoids removed. The doctors and experts we're seeing all say that he'll be able to eat normally, and, hopefully, sleep normally after the surgery. Nowadays, Riley is waking up once or twice during the night and we're getting sick of it. Supposedly he's gagging on saliva he's not swallowing, which wakes him up, etc.

Anyway, we cleaned the puke and he seems to be fine. We think he took a too-large piece of broccoli and it got stuck, so he gagged and vomited everywhere.

Isn't that nice?