Sunday, May 06, 2007

Last night at the Skylark

It's off to West Seattle for yet another Lund Bros. Show Recap. We had a show booked at a place I'd never played (the Skylark) with two bands we'd never played with (Conservative Dad and Boycrush).

I got to the place at about 8:20 or so, anticipating a soundcheck at 8:30 (as noted in the pre-show email we received in MARCH!). Turns out, Chris wasn't there yet anyway, so I setup and he arrived shortly afterwards. Trouble was, there was a baby in the bar (?!!) and the soundguy, Charlie, was considerate enough to not want to scare the folks off with some Loud Rock Music.

So we waited. Good thing, too, as the place was pretty dang empty at the time, save for Conservative Dad's table of band and friends. We did a quick check, then it was off to the meet n greet.

I actually had a pretty good turnout this time. Five people came! Count 'em. 1,2,3,4,5. Plus, Rusty and Jim from Llama were there, as well as many of Sean's friend Chuck's friends. We also had the Cinco de Mayo crowd there and they were quite appreciative of the whole thing.

Performance-wise, I wish I could show you. Not that we were terribly good or bad, but because of my newfound video posting talents, I brought my video camera but was shy about setting it up. I hate doing that and wish we were the kind of band that had loyal friends/followers that would volunteer for that kind of thing. But, alas, we're not and I didn't feel like climbing above the front door to set up the camera, so in the car it sat.

Anyway, it was a fun show for me. I think I played relatively well. I had a hat last night but wearing a frickin' knit hat under lights gets hot! But it did keep the hair out of my mouth, so I suppose there was a major positive to the whole thing.

I think I just digressed...

Sean mentioned he was feeling the onset of a cold and did have a hard time projecting as well as hitting some of his high notes. I was able to fill in on one song, "In My Hands", but otherwise, he was on his own. Chris seemed to be quite on, but to me, many of his solos sounded in the wrong key. Not sure what that was all about as there were weird sounding things from both bros. for me last night.

Next up was Conservative Dad and I knew nothing about them other than they played pop rock like us too. Turns out they were kind of an indie Weezer. Chris and Sean thought they were more like indie Death Cab. Whatever they were, they were very good. Killer gear (SG, sweet Telecaster, sweet Sterling/Ashdown combo, sweet Ayotte kit) and very good tunes. They had a bunch of people there and appeared to be sweet fellows. Sean got a hug from their bald guitarist. We should hook up with them again in the future. Here's a picture from my new fancy ass cell phone:

All night long, there were a couple of kids in the club dressed in all white with studded belts, bandanas, Flock of Seagulls hair and droopy drawers. Turns out those emo-kids were the last band, Boycrush. I knew nothing about these guys and girl other than the aforementioned items. As they got their gear on stage, we all realized that it was going to be fairly interesting (they had a pinata!)

Their amps were painted white. Their drums and drum hardware was all white. They had a Casio keyboard. They had really bad hair. And then they started playing. It was quite indie, very glam and pseudo-punk. Pretty rough, too. The singer kind of had a Rod Stewart look going once he moved his emover over. Anyway, enough about them. Here's a picture for the hell of it:

All in all, not a bad night. People liked us and we got paid. $45 or $15/each only, but, some is better than none, I suppose.

Next Saturday, we're off to the state capitol! Get ready for some fun times.