Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from the dead

No reason for the downtime. Just not into blogging, I guess.

I just got back from 2 hours of God Rock. I played in the worship band at SPU for a little function for the college kids. I rehearsed for 3.5 hours yesterday and now my hands are kind of tired (but not too tired to blog).

In addition, today, I climbed on the roof and cleaned the gutters (leaf blower to gutters FTW), went to a friend's house for a double family Memorial Day barbecue, came home and mowed the lawn, then weed wacked the back yard. It was a busy day.

Anyway, it was interesting playing this gig. Musically, it wasn't my finest moment. I guess I did ok, but it's hard playing the worship songs because we never practice but for the performances, which is my fault, because I don't want to tack on any more practice time than needed. Also, the drummer we had today has been away from drums for awhile and is out of practice. He has some time issues, but appears willing to learn.

What was cool about playing there at SPU was the people that came to watch. It was college students and, since SPU is a Christian college, they were religious. Usually when I play out, the people watching are drinking beers and sitting around. For this thing, people were out in the middle of Martin Square dancing, singing, praying, kneeling, holding hands and just having moments. Though it wasn't for the band, the sight of these people showing some sort of emotion or reaction to the event was pretty cool.

A few of us went out for food after the gig and found a cool place in Fremont. Forget what the place was called, but you get big ass slices of pizza for $4.95. Pretty neat.

I'll get caught up in another blog tomorrow. It's time for bed now.