Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Music stuff

Well, gigs are a comin'!

The Scheme had 2 gigs lined up. One was for this Friday at the New Frontier in Tacoma. The other was at the end of June, where we'd play a stop in the Rock n Roll Marathon. We got assigned a stage at the 99 and Elliot Ave off ramp (or something like that). They gave us a 2 hour slot to play and it sounded pretty cool.

Then I got a phone call from David with some bad news. Gregg, our drummer, sliced his left thumb pretty badly (ligament and tendon damage; surgery and PT to follow) and would be out for pretty much the whole summer. Major suckage.

But, that's the beauty of playing in two bands. After making sure it was cool, I ran it by the Lunds and they agreed to play these two shows. So, for the month of June, that gives us 3 shows (the third one is 6/19 in Olympia).

This Friday's show should be fun. I had asked Llama to play with us, but evidently their drummer is unable to play due to health reasons, so Rusty will be playing an acoustic set. After he plays, the Lunds will take the stage and following us will be a new band called the Build Up. I'm excited to see the Build Up as it features a bunch of Unsmashable All Stars, with Heather on guitar and vocals, Wesley from Young Sportsmen on bass, and Ryan from the i love myselfs/Young Sportsmen on drums. I'm hoping they bring a nice contingent of people as it's their first show. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, here's hoping Gregg has a safe and relatively pain-free road to recovery. I can't imagine what I'd do if I gutted one of my hands.