Monday, June 22, 2009

One week and counting

I suppose a full-fledged dog update is in order. Trouble is, I haven't been able to stop playing with her to sit down and write!

Actually, the truth is, I've been lazy. But she has been great. We're only a week in, sure, but she has been everything we could've asked for and more. In fact, I think we've been very lucky. Whatever the previous owners did with her has lead to an incredibly easy transition for us.

Bella is very low maintenance, loving, funny and a kick to be around. Her worst habit would be bringing us a toy/animal/sock/slipper every morning to greet us. Oh, and waking us up every morning at 5:30, but she goes to sleep after so it's not *too* bad.

She has integrated completely with us. From the first night, Bella has slept in our room on the floor. It is a little annoying when she shakes or scratches (re: noisy tags), but we're pretty much used to it by now.

When meeting new people, she's been great. No jumping or intimidating. She'll bring them a goodie too and it's just too funny. She's a bit of a licker and a tiny bit of a nipper (when she's excited), but by and large, we completely lucked out. When we take her out, she pretty much stays in the yard. Her and I did some frisbee work yesterday and it was a lot of fun. She needs a little training in "come" and "heel", but she has "sit" down, provided I have a treat for her. Leash walking needs some work too (she is STRONG), but as she ages, I think she'll improve.

I've surprised myself with what a "dog" person I've become. We went to Petsmart yesterday and having a dog (though Belly wasn't there) is a total ice breaker. Talked to a lady about her big black poodle. Plus, getting the kids comfy with her has been great too in that their confidence around other dogs has increased. It helps if the dogs aren't in their faces, but even when they were around my friend Evan's excited dog this weekend, they did great.

L to R: Duke (Evan's dog) & Bella

I couldn't be more happy with how the adoption and transition has gone. It's like Bella's been part of this family for a long time, the way things are going. I do wish the cat would be a little more open to things, though. She's been sulking around and generally being ornery. Of course, everytime Bell sees the cat, she wants to play and the cat just wants to be left alone. Doesn't help that Bell is all energy and whining/playful barking. They are pretty much coexisting. I'm glad the cat doesn't bolt at the sight of the dog, and she's come a long way, but I'm looking forward to when she gives Bella a smack to show her who's boss. Maybe that'll settle her (Bella) down a little.

Anyway, enough about the pets. It's time to head out.