Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Interesting day

It all started off nice enough. Sunny out, etc. Marci and I had an early morning meeting with an advisor and got some good insight on some things we're working on.

We headed to the library after that. A few weeks ago, we were at the library and I got an email on my phone saying I got a second interview for the Parking Enforcement Officer job. Today, I got another email, only this time, it was to say that they had chosen other people to move forward. First thought? "Oh, no." Second thought? "Now what?"

I was pretty bummed. I got a few books and kept to myself for the ride home. After awhile, though, I started coming around. I figured feeling sorry for myself wouldn't help things. That, and Riley came home and was all goofy, so it was cool.

Speaking of Rye, he and I headed to Children's Hospital (aka Seattle Children's) for his weekly speech appointment. While we were there, I realized that one year ago tomorrow, we were in that very hospital getting his decompression surgery done. I wonder if they would've had cake and ice cream for us if our appointment was for tomorrow instead of today??

Later tonight, I perused Riley's blog a little, for the aforementioned reason of the one year anniversary of his surgery (was that redundant?). It's pretty amazing to think about what's gone on for him in the past 364 days. Just looking at that picture of him checking his new haircut just a day before the surgery is pretty poignant for me. I think that's the last picture I have of his head still intact. LOL.

Ok, then. Happy Surgery Anniversary to Rye. It's time for bed!