Thursday, October 29, 2009

All's quiet on the Eastside front

Had my interview on Tuesday. I think it went pretty well. At least I didn't stick my foot in my mouth.

I did feel like I rambled a bit, though. Rambling in order to think up a decent answer beats awkward silence, I suppose. I know I answered one question quite well and the Director appeared impressed. Or he's a great actor. And by "great", I mean he can fool an idiot like me.

In other news, does anyone have the key to deciphering a 7.5 year old girl's emotions? A taste:
Haley: Let's play this game.
Riley: You always choose the game.
Haley: I'M THE BADDEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!! (storms off to her room)
 or this:
Haley: playing on piano
Riley: touches a few keys on piano
Me: Rye, stop bugging Haley!
Haley: FINE. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANYWAY!!! (storms off to her room)
 Marci and I are at a loss. It's gotten so we can't even talk to her without worrying about her blowing her lid. I'll save any other chat for her blog.

Lund Bros. are playing a short little gig on 11/7 at the Skylark. We'll be doing 2 Riffbroker songs (it's their 10th birthday) and possibly one of our songs to wish them a happy birthday. It's short, but it'll be our first time out since 7/11 (ooooh, that's cool!!), and we're looking forward to it. Hopefully we can get some more shows lined up soon.

We are babysitting our friend's boxer, Lulu, for the weekend. They watched Bella the one weekend in July when it was 100+ degrees, so we're returning the favor. Lulu is a few inches taller than Bella, but besides that, they could be twins. Except that Lulu is full boxer and Bella is 1/2 (we think). I'll take some pictures this weekend and share them. It should be a kick.

Oh! Been watching this new show on ABC called Modern Family. Do yourself a favor and watch it. It's on Wednesdays at 9:00pm and it is a freakin' laff riot. I am in love with this show and you should be too. Similar to The Office, it follows 3 families through their days and revels in their awkwardness. Awesome.

In more other news, Friday Night Lights started season 4 on DirecTV last night and darn it if I don't regret getting Dish instead of DTV because of that. Do yourself another favor and check out FNL if you haven't already. In my opinion, the best show on TV.

Happy Halloween and all that stuff. Watch out for sugar high kids as you drive around on Saturday.