Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday is the day

It's agility test time! That's right. At 1000 hours (or, 10:00am), I get to head into West Seattle for my Parking Enforcement Officer's Agility Test (caps mine). I'm told to dress accordingly and that I can bring water if I so desire.

I will be tested on the following:
  • Jumping jacks
  • Track walking
  • Moving cones
  • Stadium climbing
Now, I'm no athlete or anything, and, at the risk of sounding cocky, I'm pretty sure I can pass this test.

Unless, it's some sort of reverse physical psychology or something? Because if all the applicants take this test, maybe it'll weed out a few of them, but surely at this point, they're wanting to trim the numbers? So, with my RPP logic, maybe they're trying to fool me into thinking it'll be way easy, when in fact they'll have me do, say, 2000 jumping jacks, 20 laps (5 miles) around the track, move cones into intriguing and interesting positions, and climb the stadium stairs 10 times in less than 5 minutes. Could it be?

At any rate, by this time tomorrow, I'll be done and hopefully feeling pretty good about my progress. Stay tuned...