Sunday, December 20, 2009

In a blogging rut

I think I am out of things to write about. I mean, who wants to hear about my job search anymore? Or my lack of gigs? Or my kids? Or anything about what my life revolves around?

Even I don't want to read about these things, let alone write about them.

I guess I could write about Christmas, right? This year, we will be celebrating with the in-laws. Surprisingly enough, we have been able to get a few presents here and there with some creative eBaying, Craigslisting, anonymous gifts and some odd jobs. It won't be a barren Christmas, but it won't be a bank-breaker either.

Now, if I could just get Riley to realize that people weren't put on this earth to give him gifts. That little stinker needs to have some gratefulness beat into him. I think he's becoming what I fear the most: entitled. Yikes. Makes me shudder.

Marci has been a holiday whirling dervish. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was having an affair with Mr. Santa Claus because of all the time she's spending making gifts. She basically spent all weekend making and baking treats for friends and family. When she hasn't been doing that, she's been scouring thrift stores and the like, looking for inexpensive gifts. When she hasn't been doing that, she's been looking for ways for our family to get by. She's started babysitting a friends 3 month baby (SUPER CUTE!) and she's still part-timing at a local church, as well as the Y.

So, she's keeping busy. And doing quite well at it.

I'm still looking and applying and applying and looking. I did spend some time recently helping out an acquaintance set up some computers and printers at their house. Between the husband and wife (empty nesters), they have 4 computers and 3 printers. Sounds like overkill, sure, but all those computers sure make it easy to get online without having to go too far. Plus being able to print from the bottom floor and pick it up 2 floors above is kind of neat.

It's the simple things.

We just passed the 6 month mark with our dog Bella. She is still a fun girl and we really enjoy having her. She does go a little nuts when we let her outside, and she occasionally will still eat a poo, but she's not bad, provided we brush her teeth if she eats a poo.

I've been working on uploading lots of pictures to Flickr the past few days. Everything from ice skating to truffle making to our Make a Wish trip from April is going in. I hope you get a chance to check them out.

I think I'm going to try another year-in-review post, but not right now. Maybe when we're with the in-laws. It'll keep me occupied for a little while, at least.

In the meantime, have an excellent Xmas if I don't write by next Friday, and do stay safe. Here's a picture for you to enjoy until then.