Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hi everybody

Still here. Still doing my thing. Been spending most of my blogging moments updating P365. So far, haven't missed a day. Still am enjoying it and looking forward to learning, shooting and posting.

I have another project scheduled. This one is doing some family portraits of some friends. I told them to set the expectations waaaaay low. I've been boning up on reading all about portrait photography and the like as well. Hopefully the weather cooperates (next Friday) and that I'm able to "connect" with the kids. (We all know each other pretty well, so that shouldn't be too difficult)

This will be a busy music week. Tomorrow night I have Lund Bros. practice for the first time in a month or so. We were supposed to gig a month ago but Chris was sick and we had to cancel. I think he's better now so practice should be on for that.

Thursday brings the first Scheme practice of 2010. The gig LB had to cancel on was originally offered to the Scheme, but both Gregg and David were out of town in Hawaii at the time (supposedly separately!). We will need the practice as we have a gig next week on the 26th.

Then on Friday, after my photoshoot, I have the first Lund Bros. gig of 2010, at the Skylark in West Seattle. Still following me?

In addition to that, I have to edit/primp/preen some pictures I took of my friend Yakup's side project. He hired me to shoot some more recording studio pix of him, a bassist and a drummer on three separate days. Kept me busy and got me out of the house to do some photography, so that was cool.

If only I could do all this cool stuff and make a living at it!